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After the final bell, Jim Parsons climbs into the ring to be with his wife. He’s happy, first and foremost that his wife has come through another contest (at least relatively) unscathed.

Second he’s happy because it seems like she may have achieved her dream of becoming world champion.

Jim: “Love you, babe. You’re a star.”

Kayleigh: “It’s been fun to go on this journey with you.”

Jim: “Not done yet.”

Kayleigh: “Not by a long shot.”

Amanda: “Here it is, the moment of truth. The judges decision are in. I myself had it 96-92 Parsons, and if that is correct, this decision should be unanimous.”

Ring announcer: “Ladies and Gentleman, please give a warm ovation for these two warriors!”

The crowd applauds.

Ring announcer: “After 10 rounds of action, we go to the judges scorecards. Judges Bruno Gardena and Thomas Church have it 96-92, and judge Amanda Hincapie has it 96-93 all for your winner…”

There’s a long pause, that probably feels like eternity for both fighters.

Ring announcer: “…and NEW WBU Featherweight champion of the world, KAYLEIGH, ‘THE FLUKE’ PARSONS!”

Kayleigh shouts for joy as her victory is confirmed. While Hee Jung looks disappointed, there’s not much protest from the now former champion’s camp.

Amanda: “We have a new champion! Kayleigh Parsons gets it done by a unanimous decision.”

Virani MacVicar
Seems like The Empress fell off a lot since when I faced her. Kayleigh won tonight, but she still owes me a rematch.
Toronto, Ontario

Kayleigh celebrates with her team for a few moments while Hee Jung shares commiserations with her corner. But for Kayleigh, there’s something important she has to do. She seeks out Hee Jung as the former champion is in the middle of the ring.

Kayleigh: “Hee Jung. It was an honor to compete with you.”

Kayleigh bows low to the former champion,  no disrespect or sarcasm in the stance. Just one fighter paying tribute to another. Hee Jung, surprised by Kayleigh, takes a moment but then returns the bow.

Amanda: “What a moment that is. A changing of the guard in the Featherweight division.”


Amanda: “Let’s get a word from the new champion with our ringside correspondent, Alesia Schumann.”

Alesia: “Kayleigh Parsons, champion of the world, how does that sound?”

Kayleigh: “Incredible. It’s something that at times I didn’t think would happen, but now that it has, it’s a culmination of all the hard work I’ve put in.”

Alesia: “Talk to me about this fight. How hard was it?”

Kayleigh: “You told me about championship fights and how hard they are, but I didn’t believe you. Now I do. Hee Jung is an amazing opponent. Did I always believe I was the best Featherweight in the world? Yes. I told everyone that. That doesn’t mean that Hee Jung is not fantastic. She did some things in the ring tonight I didn’t think were possible. I think I had a great game plan and a great camp, and some of those intangibles carried me over the line. But I take nothing away from my opponent. This was a showcase of two elite fighters.”

Alesia: “Some magazines have talked about you being the next Empress…”

Kayleigh: “Let me stop you there. I’m a hell of a fighter. Best in the division, no doubt. But Hee Jung is a four-division world champion. She has a career of accomplishments that I cannot claim. There’s only one Empress, and that is Hee Jung Park. I’m just Kayleigh Parsons. The Blonde Bull. Let me be the first Kayleigh Parsons, and not the next Empress.”

Alesia: “Have you thought about what is next? Michaela Sommer has been public about wanting to take on the winner of this fight.”

Kayleigh: “I barely know who that is, but I promise that I will bring this girl to London, and then show her some English hospitality and knock her out.”

Alesia: “Any words for the fans?”

Kayleigh: “Just that they are the best. I love my fans here. I told them I’d be world champion and here I am. Keep coming here, and I’ll keep entertaining you, that’s my promise.”

Amanda: “And now lets hear from Hee Jung Park, who has graciously stayed for this interview.”

Alesia: “Hee Jung, end of an era tonight, how do you feel?”

Hee Jung: “Like I went 10 rounds with an elite fighter. I knew coming in that Kayleigh Parsons was good, but she showed maturity and an evolution in skills that was unexpected. I don’t like losing, but I admit I was fairly beaten tonight. I have no complaints.”

Alesia: “What’s next for you? Are you interested in a rematch?”

Hee Jung: “If I felt like a rematch would go differently, I would be interested. But I feel like this was 100% of what I had to offer and it wasn’t enough. I see no point in a rematch, unless I can earn it from the rankings.”

Alesia: “Were you thrown off by the way that Kayleigh started the fight?”

Hee Jung: “Honestly, yes. She talked a big game about wanting to win by knockout. Then she came into the ring and fought a disciplined, counter heavy style. It was not expected. We knew that Kayleigh can fight many different styles, but we expected the more tactically naïve version of Kayleigh Parsons. That’s not what we got. That allowed her to build a lead that she used well in making me take risks that I normally would not have taken. That was the difference.”

Alesia: “You’ve talked about your legacy in your leadup to this fight. What does this fight add to it?”

Hee Jung: “In boxing, I feel like courageous losses can add to a legacy, and that is what I accomplished tonight. I make no excuses for being older or having many more professional fights than my opponent. I feel like I’m not done adding to my legacy, and I still feel like I have more to offer the sport both in ring and out. I don’t think I’m done quite yet.”

Alesia: “Thank you, Hee Jung.”

Kayleigh: “Ally, come here! I want a pic with you.”

Alesia: “Anything for you.”

The current WBU Featherweight champion and the former WBU Super Lightweight champion pose together for a picture that should delight most of the audience, or at least the portion cheering for Kayleigh.

Alesia: “Congrats again. Looking even better with the belt.”

Kayleigh: “Thanks, couldn’t have done it without you.”

Alesia: “I did my little part to help. Now this is your moment, champ.”

Kayleigh shoos the other people in the ring away for one last picture, one mantle. Kayleigh strikes a confident, sexy pose, as the camera snaps pictures.

Kayleigh thinks: Never going to get tired of this.


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Hee Jung Park

A world champion in four weight classes, now reigning as Featherweight champion. She is fearless.

Kayleigh Parsons

An original character owned by Alex. From London, she is skilled, headstrong and brutal in the ring.
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  1. Well damn. Park being my favorite boxer, I am indeed saddened by her championship loss. If there is a bright side though, I am happy to hear that she will remain as a boxer. Even if her best wasn’t enough to beat Kayleigh, Park at this point in her career is still a Top 5, probably Top 2 boxer in the division. Not even getting knocked out by a young undefeated champion like Kayleigh shows that she is far from washed up. As for Alesia, it appears this is another bright side too. Even though she lost her championship recently, you can argue that she helped another boxer become a World champion as it was her training session with Kayleigh that got her ready to take the title. She’s still young of course, but maybe Alesia could make for a great coach someday if she ever gets to the situation Park faced before this fight about age. In the end, it’s a congratulations to Kayleigh and hopefully she remains as champion for the next 10 years just for JeanPhoenix. lol

    • It’s not a nice end for a champion, but it’s a respectful one. Many champions have bowed out in less competitive ways – blasted out by the next generation of contenders.

      Even though she couldn’t beat Kayleigh, anyone who beats the Empress has to be damn good.

      Alesia totally comes out looking good (as usual!) Not only is she a lovely media presence, but it was her training towards the mental side of the game that really allowed her to unleash her true talent.

  2. Congratulations to Kayleigh Parsons for a job well done!

    When you think of it, her trajectory is a common one among world champions. Built up on the back of a mix of “easy” and tough fights.

    The trip to the top includes four members of the Top 10 in this Featherweight division, so there’s already credibility. Then, once put into the ring with a sitting champion, she delivered the goods.

    That makes for a credible champ.

    The post-match is probably atypical because critics would have expected the Blonde Bull to say a couple of things that would rub them the wrong way. Instead, we see that the golden girl has realised how difficult the match was against The Empress. She pays due respect. I mean, how do you badmouth a four-division champ in the first place?

    Hee Jung understandably doesn’t like the feeling of losing. However, she doesn’t try to diminish the new champion’s accomplishment even with the slightest hint of “I was off my game tonight”. The question for her is “what to do next”, in the final stretch of her career.

    For now, a freshly minted queen of Featherweight has a big win to celebrate 😀

    • Kayleigh has a fairly realistic path to the top. An elite amateur career and then a steady build to the top. Now, she suffered some adversity and she probably should have lost at at least one point. But, in the end its the result that matters and the result is we have a new and lovely Featherweight queen.

      We expect Kayleigh to do her usual Kayleigh thing and talk herself up – and while she does do that, she shows a great deal of respect to the now former champion. Though boxers are a braggadocios lot, Kayleigh in this case does have respect for what has come before her. There’s a difference between talking up your chances in a fight like Kayleigh did pre-fight and then talking in the cold reality of the result. There is a hint of Kayleigh’s usual self when she brushes off Michaela, but maybe Kayleigh has come of age (though late in life, you’d have to admit)

      Hee Jung doesn’t like to lose and she hasn’t in a while, but she admits she was fairly beaten. The question of ‘what next’ is an uncomfortable one.

      For now, we get to celebrate a new queen!

  3. Well as a predicted she won, the judges wouldn’t have screwed her over in her own home town, if it was somewhere else then they probably would have but here they’re back her up all the way.

    But judges or not (and I can’t believe I’m gonna say this) but Kayleigh won this fight fair and square, she talked a big talk but was able to back it up in the end. Now she’s the new feather weight world champion.

    Now I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed that she still won again and didn’t get knocked out…but I have to give respect in the end, some may not like her and some do like her but like I said she won fairly on her skills and build up for this fight.

    As for Hee Jung, she wasn’t expecting this Kayleigh at all but I give her respect as well for going the 10 rounds with the fluke. Glad that she won’t be retiring after this, but she’s gonna need a long break after a hard fought match.

    What surprised me more is Kayleigh actually showing respect, no bullshit or sarcasm or smart mouthing. Just actual respect, and that’s hard to see coming from her, if she was like this more otter I’d probably like her more lol 😂

    Well I don’t really nothing else to say, let’s just see how long she runs her course. Surprising V doesn’t sound to salty about Kayleigh’s victory either but a rematch will definitely be happening sometime in the future. Would be nice to see Virani as champion, but Michaela needs a crack at the new champ first.

    Anyways great work Alex 👍 sorry before if my comments were a bit harsh, just really getting into the story and stuff…but it will still be satisfying to see Kayleigh on the receiving end one day