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Fight Announcement

A big American battle is looming

Ring Kings, the North American subsidiary of Final Bell Boxing, announces that Chelsea Carter will defend her American Super Lightweight title against Taylor Grant at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

The superfight, scheduled for 10 rounds of three minutes under unified rules, will be the main event of the evening with Jeffrey Cain as the referee. It will be telecast by Star Sports 2 in North America and Box TV across Europe.


Chelsea “High Voltage” Carter, aged 24, is the defending champion and ranked number 5 worldwide as a Super Lightweight by BOX! Magazine. The explosive boxer has amassed 7 wins, including five knockouts, and one loss as a professional.

“I’ve taken boxing by storm and the strong winds will keep blowing. I expect a great battle with Taylor Grant but despite her skills, she will have to accept that there’s only room for one champion. Me.”
Chelsea Carter

Taylor “Peppermint” Grant, 26, is ranked as number 2 worldwide by BOX! Magazine when coming in as the challenger. The fast puncher boasts an impressive record of 19 wins, 12 of them by way of knockout, and one loss.

“Chelsea Carter is a child in the world of boxing. I am making it a personal mission to school her with a hard beating. She’ll thank me later for showing her what’s missing to become an elite fighter.”
Taylor Grant

“I keep saying that Final Bell is a prime provider of organised violence for a reason, says CEO Heidi Becker. We deliver superb matchups between marquee fighters to delight the fans and make sure that the boxers are fairly treated. This is how we roll.”

Seats at the arena will cost $100 and VIP tables $500, sold exclusively online and redeemable through the Final Bell mobile app.


There were no rumblings in the background in the making of this match. Only contract negotiations since Taylor had already accepted a public challenge by Chelsea. They settled on a 50-50 split of the purse due to the challenger’s appeal drawing attention to the matchup.

There are, however, intense reactions to an anticipated superfight.

Retweeted by Chelsea Carter
Alesia Schumann

Massive, massive match. It wouldn’t be out of place as a world championship. I’m booking my flight and hotel now, and thank @chelseacarter in advance for a free ticket 😆

Pro tip: bring a shield. Chelsea and Taylor are nuclear powers.

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Heather Barker

What a fight coming our way 👀

My heart beats for @chelseacarter as a friend and highly skilled boxer but my head says that @taylorgrant is the last chick you want to go against at Super Lightweight.

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Elsie Nadege, who doesn’t hide her primal love for pugilism, weighs in.

Retweeted by Sophie Schumann
Elsie Nadege

Who gets this one? Grant is a dangerous favourite but I say that Carter scores the upset. She’s got that ability to survive even when she shouldn’t.

Either way, the sound of their punches will be exquisite 😍

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Anna Schwartz

My prediction: @taylorgrant defeats @chelseacarter

Grant has the faster hands, the more complete game and the most maturity between the two. The perfect collection of assets to endure and come out on top.

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Chelsea Carter

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