No one is weak in this ring

We’re ringside with a delightful matchup between Chelsea Carter and Taylor Grant for the American Super Lightweight championship on the line. 

Jim: “The boxers are on their toes and getting mouthpieces from their coaches. Everyone here is excited to see what’s going to happen next.” 


Taylor thinks: “No feeling out. An easy first round always gives a champion the points.” 

Peppermint sets to attack. To her surprise, High Voltage was ready for an onslaught. She boxes with generalship by keeping her distance and not allowing any penetration. 

Taylor insists on going forward and this causes a small mistake nearly 30 seconds in. She goes in to throw a left hook but loses balance slightly. Chelsea’s timing is razor sharp. She releases a stiff jab to land in the left eye. 

Taylor thinks: “Goddammit, that was stupid.” 

Chelsea Taylor 1-1
Chelsea Taylor 1-2

Battle in the trenches

The young woman who loves to dye her hair white goes back to a more patient game. The two pugilists feel each other out, take their time to throw little punches meant to find out how the opponent moves in reaction. A mostly misunderstood art of turning on your radar to see what shows up on the screen. 

The Black woman throws more decisive straight left that’s met by a clever defensive move by Chelsea. The brunette leans to the right and rolls her shoulders southpaw style to avoid the shot. 

Jim: “We’re seeing high-level technique, Warren. Hardcore boxing fans will be first to notice the quality that these two fighters bring to the ring.” 

Warren: “No doubt about it. Carter’s schooling with her cousin Mercedes has been top-notch while Grant’s talent is among the best in the entire boxing world, men and women combined.” 

Chelsea Taylor 2-1
Chelsea Taylor 2-2
Chelsea Taylor 2-3

Most of Round 1 features the New Orleans native on the front foot, with calculated attacks. She doesn’t throw punches without thinking, but keeps the pressure up because she doesn’t want the champ to get points simply because she already holds the title. 

Despite having heat coming her way, the defending champion keeps her composure. She avoids a dangerous right cross by dodging, this time shoulder rolling orthodox-style. 

Warren: “Chelsea Carter makes me look brilliant with this work since I said that her defense was better than Grant’s.” 

Jim: “Perhaps the only person ever to make you look brilliant, man.” 

Chelsea Taylor 3-1
Chelsea Taylor 3-2

The champ’s storm

Chelsea is more commanding. She starts switching hitting and changes positioning all the time to carry the round. 

Chelsea feels the pressure and the need to respond quickly because she doesn’t want Taylor to get easy points. She stays dynamic, moves sideways and switch hits to stay out of trouble and look for opportunities to land a clean hit. 

A more commanding presence is felt especially when Taylor keeps pressing near the ropes. High Voltage shuffles her feet to counter an incoming right hand with an overhand left hook in the jaw. PAFF. 

Jim: “Carter is delivering the goods, y’all. Boxing with generalship against one of the most dangerous human beings who could step into the ring.” 

Warren: “She’s good at boxing. If I’m Taylor Grant right now, I just want the round to end, hear from my corner and have another crack at it with fresh advice. Aggression isn’t enough to beat this girl.” 



Round 2 gets a slightly slower start with Taylor playing defense to make Chelsea commit a little more with her punches. Gotta make the opponent open up if you want to land a hurtful punch after all. 

Pork chop goes for the right uppercut but Peppermint reads the move. She leans to the left to make the red glove miss by inches. 

Chelsea Taylor 5-1
Chelsea Taylor 5-2
Chelsea Taylor 5-3

The African-American surprises everyone by taking her time, since she learned the value of patience in the boxing ring. She refuses to waist punches and tempts Chelsea into attacking.

A tactic that pays off with less than a minute left into the round. Chelsea is going in with a motion for the right hook but the green-gloved woman stands her ground with a long-range left hook on the chin. PISH.

Jim: “Taylor Grant is good at boxing.”

Warren: “Better than you at commentary.”


The challenger has the champion where she wants her, and she knows it. An unsettled defense gives her the chance to unload an explosive right cross. Chelsea throws a right hand in response but she gets caught before she can extend it. Instead, it goes up as she absorbs green leather. 

Chelsea Taylor 7-1
Chelsea Taylor 7-2
Chelsea Taylor 7-3

Jim: “Grant rocked the boat with a solid combination like the ones that made her known in the boxing world and Chelsea Carter decided to pocket the loss of Round 2 to give herself a chance to regroup.” 

Ding. Round 2 is over. 

Expert table talk

Two lovelies who are used to elite boxing have much to say about this at the break. 

Alesia: “What do you think?” 

Heather: “Chelsea isn’t done here. She’s got a lot more in the tank.” 

Alesia: “Says one of her closest ring buddies.” 

Heather: “You know you love her more than anyone too! I think she’s got the technique and courage to do better.” 

Alesia: “Yeah. I think we have yet to see how explosive she can be.” 

Warren: “I score this 19-19 with the first round going to Carter and the second to Grant. Given what we’ve seen so far, I say that you should be quick with your toilet break and beer refill. These two will make the contest far more barbaric than what you’ve seen so far.” 

Chelsea Taylor 8-1
Chelsea Taylor 8-2

Jeffrey: “Seconds out!”

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