Ahead of the fight, let’s check in on how the fighters are preparing for their matchup.

Takara is working with Sybil Graves, someone that will replicate the physicality and size of Emma. Her coach, Clifford Little, has watched tape and breaks down the matchup for his fighter.

Clifford: “McGale is better than her record, because she has skills that most fighters don’t have – a very robust inside game and the strength to pull it off. She’s a problem. Her power isn’t to be denied either. She can punch. That being said, you are faster and more powerful. We just have to make it your fight.”

Takara gets serious work with Sybil, who makes things uncomfortable for the Japanese fighter. But ‘The Love Muffin’ puts in work being in close combat with Sybil, getting used to what that entails and understanding how to mitigate it.

Takara thinks: I don’t necessarily like fighting like this, but I won’t let Emma in close.

Emma’s Camp

With the fight announced, what does Sandra Blohm work on with Emma? Fortunately for the Peach, she has the perfect sparring partner in Virani MacVicar, who is about as good as a stand in for Takara Oshima as could be hoped for. Virani focuses on imitating Takara’s style, using more straight punches than her usual bevy of hooks. It’s not a style that is totally comfortable for the Cobra, but she imitates it well enough.

Sandra: “The key is we can’t allow Takara to dictate where the fight is taking place. She’d like you to be in the range of her right hand or left hook at all times. You need to close the distance, and not get hit at the same time. The key is stepping in, but presenting a moving target. The upper body and neck must be constantly moving, but keep you in position to fire. That’s what we need.”

Emma works on this concept, taking her share of leather from Virani, but learning how to move in at unpredictable times and keeping her head and upper body moving unpredictably while moving forward.

Virani: “I liked you more when you were easier to hit.”

Emma: “Bet you did.”

Virani: “Looking good champ. Show ’em how a Canadian champ does it.”


Laila: “Hello fight fans and welcome to another great event of boxing presented by Final Bell. I’m here at the York Hall in London, England, and we have a full night of great fights ahead. We’ll start with a fight that is one of the more intriguing ones on the card as we have Takara Oshima of Japan moving down in weight to face Emma McGale of London who is moving up in weight. Oshima is the nominal favourite, but after news came out that showed McGale knocking Alesia Schumann out cold in sparring, some have tipped McGale as having the potential of upsetting the former Lightweight title challenger.”

Laila: “The fighters are ready to make their entrances.”

First to the ring is Emma McGale, who fights in London for the first time since getting knocked out by Kayleigh Parsons in a decidedly one-sided fight in January of 2018. Friends are in the audience as she gets a warm reception from the local crowd – who is always keen to see a local girl do well (though locals don’t often walk in with Canadian titles…)

Laila: “Emma McGale at one point in her career was 2-3 with three consecutive losses. However since moving to Canada, she has posted a respectable record of 8-2 and in her last fight captured the Canadian Featherweight title. A lunchpail sort of fighter, she is very strong and adept at working inside and she packs a solid punch. Tonight she gets a shot at a top fighter with a top resume. Emma’s fallen when stepping up in class before, so we shall see if she has improved enough to do it tonight.”

Emma’s ringwalk is calm and not very demonstrative. She wears the Canadian title proudly on her shoulder as a statement of intent.

Next to the ring is Takara Oshima. The Japanese puncher is hoping that a change in weight class can revitalize a career that has found itself spinning its wheels in losses to Zohana Patel and Sophie Schumann. Still, she is the odds on favourite tonight.

Laila: “Takara Oshima is the type of fighter that a lot of fans tend to love in this sport. A puncher with true one-punch knockout power that isn’t shy about admitting that she is a headhunter. She’s defensively frail though as well, as her losses to Patel and Schumann have demonstrated. Catch her on the chin, and she may go down for the count. Still, the Japanese fighter is extremely skilled and not an easy night for anyone, let alone McGale, who has been stopped three times in her career already.”

Takara makes her way to the ring, looking confident. This is a fight that she must win and she certainly feels like she can do so.

Laila: “Let’s send it down to the ring announcer for the official introductions.”

Ring announcer: “Introducing first, fighting out of the red corner, her coach is Sandra Blohm. This woman comes to us tonight with a professional record of 12 wins in 18 fights, with 7 of those wins coming by way of knockout. Originally from London, England, she fights out of Toronto, Ontario, and is the reigning and defending Canadian Featherweight Champion! Please welcome Emma ‘The Peach’ McGale!”

Ring announcer: “Introducing her opponent, she fights out of the blue corner tonight. Her coach is Clifford Little. This woman comes to us tonight with a sterling professional record of 15 wins in 17 fights, with 12 of those wins coming by way of knockout. Originally from Tokyo, Japan, she fights out of London, England. Please welcome the top ranked, Takara ‘Love Muffin’ Oshima!”

Laila: “The referee tonight is the unique Monique Deschamps, who is a solid enough referee that seems to make a few mistakes every now and then. The Frenchwoman was a compromise pick between the two camps.”

Monique: “Ladies, I went over the rules with both of you in the dressing room. I expect a good clean fight. Obey my instructions at all times. Now touch gloves and go back to your corners. Bonne chance!”

Takara thinks: She’s in shape, but she’s nothing special. I’ll get this over quick.

Emma thinks: This girl is a killer. She’ll knock me out without thinking twice.

Emma puts out a single glove which Takara bangs down on emphatically.


Laila: “That is the pre-fight ceremonies out of the way. Let’s get on to the action!”

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Emma McGale
A self admitted boxing nerd and friend of Virani. Especially powerful and dangerous working from in close Super Featherweight contender.
Emma McGale

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  1. If you can survive training with Graves, you can practically survive anything. However, I still think it will not be enough to contain Emma for this bout. I believe the Canadian champion is ready, and I think she’ll continue the downward spiral of Takara’s career with a KO even. The London crowd will be ecstatic again after Emma gets a personal vengeance for what happened here the last time she had a fight.

    • That would be quite a story. If Emma could knock out Takara, that could shake up the rankings quite fierce…

  2. Training with Sybil. Damn. Takara does serious risk-taking with a chick who could have fouled her even in the locker room! Perhaps that would have worked. After surviving contact with her, you can hope to contain Emma 😆

    Movement is a big thing for Emma. No one can take a clean shot from Takara and hope to stay on their feet for long. Gotta work around those dynamite hands to avoid the rubble.

    Wearing the Canadian belt at non-title fight. Show off, Emma 😆

    I’m sure that few will ever complain about Takara’s entrance flex. She’s got ’em guns.

    Monique Deschamps as a referee there? Oh dear. You have to wonder how she will act if Emma starts shoving around or if Takara has a temper tantrum as she did against Sophie. Wild card.

    Emma thinks: This girl is a killer. She’ll knock me out without thinking twice.

    Confident start there 😆

    • Sybil does seem the type to throw a tackle in the locker room, just because 😀

      Movement matters for Emma. She needs to close the distance, but not get smacked with those red winning gloves too often, or she’ll end up on Takara’s reel of knockouts.

      Monique is a fun wildcard. She might be crazier than any of the fighters 😀

      And yeah, Emma’s internal narrative is full of doubts, to say the least.

  3. Looks like training went well for both of these hard punches, I’m surprised Takara got Sybil as her sparring partner, thought that would get ugly but it seemed to work out. And Emma having V has her sparring partner helps for her plus not to mention she’ll be cheering her on all the way! Now with that done it’s time for the main event on the way.

    Both fighters and looking tough, beautiful and confident as they make there way down to the ring. Emma looks so good with that belt around her body🥰
    Takara still got those guan for arms, won’t lie this is still pretty nerve racking considering she’s facing a really tough fighter

    Takara thinks: She’s in shape, but she’s nothing special. I’ll get this over quick.
    She’s sounding but to confident for my liking, but then again she’s dangerous and maybe this fight might be easy for her…

    Emma thinks: This girl is a killer. She’ll knock me out without thinking twice.
    She’s not wrong for thinking that cause she’ll do nothing to stop herself from knocking Emma out…but it’s not the time for the peach for be thinking about what Takara will do and worry more about beating Takara.

    It’s time Emma gets a rise in the boxing world instead of being a freaking punching bag.

    • Takara’s a bit more of a hard puncher than Emma, though certainly ‘The Peach’ can punch. Sybil may only get up to shenanigans when there is an actual fight happening 😀 Emma and Virani have sparred a lot together, so that would be comfortable for both of them.

      Takara’s clearly got more confidence than Emma at the moment. Emma has reasons to be confident, but does she truly believe it yet? The little we’ve seen suggests that she doesn’t. Not yet.

      • She really needs that confidence and soon, she can’t go in like this with no confidence and gets beat.

        But win or lose I just really hope it’ll be a good fight and it won’t get one sided for her…that’s what worries me

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