Rough start


Laila: “Round one in this intriguing contest begins right now.”

Takara confidently claims the middle of the ring staking a claim for the territory she will need to be successful in the fight. No chance she wants to trapped in the ropes with Emma McGale.

Early on in the fight, Takara wants to set the tone, she throws a thumping 1-2 combination that Emma is able to take on her gloves.

Emma thinks: Holy crap, that punch had some snap on it. I have to be careful.

The Japanese fighter doesn’t want to let Emma settle into the fight, and she detects that the Englishwoman might be a little nervous. Takara takes a little risk – dropping her hands to allow for more movement. She throws a jab to bring Emma’s hands up and then steps to the side, uncorking a right hand. With the change of angle, and her vision of her opponent obscured, Takara’s right hand finds Emma’s jaw cleanly.


Laila: “That is textbook Takara Oshima right there. Oshima at her best is the type of fighter that can leave her opponent on the canvas with one perfect punch. She is an offensive wizard, if given the ability to operate.”

Tokyo Thunder

Emma thinks: Yep. Takara can punch. Punch real hard.

Emma knows that her success is all about getting inside, negating Takara’s best punches and getting in those short, powerful shots that damage her opponent. She stalks forward towards Takara with consistent pressure, occasionally getting sniped by accurate shots from Takara.

Emma does succeed in getting Takara in the ropes, and she looks to score with a right hand, but the ‘Love Muffin’ was anticipating the move, stepping in, getting low and putting her arm around Emma.

Using Emma’s own momentum against her, Takara turns Emma into the ropes. Surprised at being turned by someone who she doesn’t expect to be this strong, Emma’s back hits the ropes and as she tries to keep her balance, her guard drops for just a second.

That’s all Takara needs to launch a nuclear level left hook that lands completely flush on the chin of the Canadian.

Laila: “Oh! That’s a huge connection from Takara Oshima, who showed some great tactical knowledge to turn McGale before landing a completely uncontested left hook that seems to have McGale feeling worse for wear.”


Laila is right. Emma taking such a clean punch from Takara is bound to have an effect. Emma is able to escape from the ropes and corner, but Takara pursues.

Takara thinks: Gotcha, girl. This one might be easier than usual. I could use a short night.

Emma isn’t quite out of it yet, and she’s been hurt enough times to know what to do. She keeps a high guard, and concentrates on not getting smacked with those red Winning gloves. Then when the opportunity strikes, she pushes forward and grabs a hold of the ‘Love Muffin’ in an attempt to slow down the fight.

Takara struggles against Emma’s grip but has to concede as ‘The Peach’s’ hold is too strong.

Takara thinks: Yeah this girl is as physically strong as advertised.

Monique: “Okay, Okay, break it up. “

Laila: “McGale seems to be hurt early in this one, but she’s doing well to try to prevent Oshima from making this a short night. Still, she needs to be very careful.

Takara’s not going to let Emma off the hook quite so easily. She knows that there’s a timid fighter in front of her, and Emma’s not in any mood to be trading against Takara having been taught a lesson early on in the fight. She’s in damage control mode right now.

A late fusillade of punches from Takara make Emma shell up and shy away from those damaging red gloves. But Takara catches Emma with a clean, strong left hand that twists her head around painfully.

Laila: “McGale is getting absolutely cracked by Oshima here, who seems to be at her frightening best. An adjustment will be necessary.”

DING! The round is over and the fighters return to their corners.

Laying Down the Law

Laila: “Let’s listen in with Emma McGale’s corner after a ragged round.”

Sandra: “Are you jetlagged still?”

Emma: “What? No!”

Sandra: “Someone put drugs in your water?”

Emma: “What are you talking about.”

Sandra: “Then why the FUCK are you boxing like a complete newbie in there?”

Emma: “She’s tricky and she hits really hard.”

Sandra: “She’s a one dimensional puncher that hasn’t evolved her game in years. Make her miss like we worked on in practice and then show her that she’s not the only one that punches hard! The boxer with the most talent is going to win this fight and that’s YOU, Emma. I know how good you are, now show the world. What’s the worst that could happen – she flatlines you? You’ve been there. You have nothing to lose. Now fight like it.”

Emma: “Yes, ma’am.”

Sandra: “This is your ring. I want to hear you say it.”

Emma: “This is MY ring.”

Sandra: “Okay now I want to go and see it.”

Emma thinks: Damn, I feel like I should be paying tens of thousands for these motivational speeches.

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A keen Peach

Emma McGale

Emma McGale is an original character created by Alex. Living in Toronto, she is the Canadian Featherweight champion.
Emma McGale

Takara Oshima

A dangerous Lightweight who has speed and power in both hands. Now living in London after leaving Japan.
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  1. Well…Damn…A bad enough first round for Emma, but the way Sandra just bashed Takara as a one-dimensional fighter! If this round is an indication, Emma has the better physical attributes while Takara has the better footwork. For Emma to make this become her ring, I would think a good way to do that is to really lay in the physicality nature of it and make her regret going down in weight class like a Graves or Slater. Whatever can frustrate Takara and keep her in one spot, that would be the best-case scenario.

    • Bad first round for sure.

      Sandra doesn’t sound impressed by Takara, but what’s the point of talking up the opponent at this point 😀

      I think you are right, Emma needs to be physical. A streetfight favours Emma.

  2. Not surprised how the first round went…Emma already seemed a bit nervous when they had touched gloves, she probably felt the power in them and in this round definitely felt more…

    Emma took a real beating and it’s all because she’s nervous about how strong Takara is…but Sandra gives her another motivated speech during the break. She’s really good with those, I’m sure (and really hope) that’ll help Emma move forward and start fighting, she’s been through hell before.
    If she doesn’t she’ll just be a punching bag and I’m sure we don’t wanna see that

    • Emma’s got a tendency for bad starts.

      She took a beating but she’s still standing. And she’s been in tough fights before too. She’s more battle tested than before.

      Sandra lays down the law, but it’s up to Emma. She’s got to be the one to succeed in there.

      • I’m sure Emma can bring the fight to Takara, and you gotta give her props for taking clean punches from her as well, we’ve seen what she can do so her taking those are something

  3. What’s difficult in the ring with Takara is that one mistake might make you wonder why you chose to fight professionally. That’s if you can think for yourself.

    Emma gets a sampling which is solid even if caught by the gloves. Then in the face. Even treated to a little defensive grab to be denied offensively.

    If you are a Peach fan, you have to worry when she absorbs that left hook. Getting caught clean when trying to escape hurts and Takara’s right hand seems primed to further bang her face. Ouchy ouch.

    This round is clearly lost for the anglo-canadian. She has the inside fighting skills to make this match more complicated, but will she gather the courage to get closer?

    As always, Sandra’s talk is effective but the boxer has to put it into action.

    • Takara is the sort of boxer that you can plan for, but then she hits you and all your plans go flying out the window. She lands her leather well and even denies Emma in close with a nice turn.

      Clean punches from Takara will have their effect and you do raise a good point – Emma cannot snipe at range with Takara, she must get in close and do work up close and personal – and within the range of those red gloves. The courage must be found to engage in that space.

      Sandra lets Emma know what is up. It’s now up to Emma – and this feels like a critical moment – is she just a gatekeeper or is she something more?

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