Taylor explodes for a vicious finish 

With Round 7 about to begin, Taylor knows that she must convince if she is going to win this fight. Sitting champs usually get the benefit of the doubt in such a title match.

In this must-win situation, the challenger opts to increase the pressure. The brunette responds well in the early going. Her work rate matches the ambition to be one of the best fighters in the world.

Counterpunches are coming fast and that’s why the incoming attacker gets caught downstairs in the middle of a combination.

Elsie: “Did you hear that little grunt from Taylor? Lovely.” 

Sky: “You’re a savage.” 

Chelsea Taylor 23-1
Chelsea Taylor 23-2
Chelsea Taylor 23-3

The mistake

The round goes swimmingly for a little while. One of the problems in Chelsea’s fighting history since adopting the switch hitting method comes back to bite, though. She throws a threatening left cross after pivoting on her left foot but the hand drops after missing. Fighting in stealth mode, Taylor detects the mistake and comes in with a thunderous left hook on the counter. PISH.

Jim: “Grant is given an opportunity and she jumps on it! A strong left hook in the jaw. No doubt that Carter felt this one.”


The gamble

Chelsea is hurt but she’s learn to “poker face” her opponents by now. Not showing any sign of the pain that consumes her body and weakens the legs. She hopes to bail herself out by circling around the predator. All it takes is a few seconds of ‘rest’ to come out of it, right?

Not with Peppermint. She gambles on the potential chance to do more damage after landing a cracking shot, pursues High Voltage and zips a green glove to her face again. This time a right hand from an angle to bang the other cheek.

Chelsea Taylor 25-1
Chelsea Taylor 25-2
Chelsea Taylor 25-3

This time there’s nothing the champion can do to conceal the pain. Two bombs landing in succession drop the San Franciscan. The crowd cheers for the New Yorker’s success.

Jim: “Carter is down! Can she pick herself up?”

Warren: “The answer is yes, Jim. She’s already moving at the count of two and… already on one knee at four. There’s willpower in this young beast even though Grant’s punches appear to be the most dangerous in this ring.”

Jim: “Almost as dangerous as you when given too much freedom.”

Chelsea Taylor 26-1
Chelsea Taylor 26-2

Wild animal

Jim: “The champ beats the count but can she be steady enough?”

Jeffrey: “Box!”

Steady or not, a hungry black panther pounces on her prey in no time as soon as there’s no ref in the way. Chelsea throws a left hook to defend herself but Taylor’s left uppercut crashes in the middle of her face as soon as she’s open. PAFF.

The crowd cheers and murmurs as a champion is in the danger zone.


Chelsea Taylor 27-1
Chelsea Taylor 27-2
Chelsea Taylor 27-3

Chelsea had vast reserves of resolve, but the green gloved fists emptied the tank. There’s nothing left. High Voltage retreats, covers up and tries not to get caught. Purely survival mode.

Confident that she can finish and given the order to do so, Taylor pumps up the intensity to “maximum”. She throws the fierce volleys that made her trademark earlier in her career. Chelsea’s tight cover-up defense absorbs some of the shots but not all.

Jim: “Carter is in real trouble here with more than a minute to go in the round. She isn’t throwing back.”

Warren: “Remember the Wild West version of Taylor Grant, when she knocked chicks out, left and right? She kept it inside. Now all hell is breaking loose. It’s as impressive as it’s scary.”

Chelsea Taylor 28-1
Chelsea Taylor 28-2
Chelsea Taylor 28-3

Out on her feet

Chelsea gets pinned in her own corner, which only makes Taylor become more aggressive. There’s no stopping the heavy rain of punches falling upon the girl in red and black. The landing rate increases fast and she’s still not throwing back.

Amid the pounding, a plowing right hand slips under her guard to find the stomach. The crowd is cheering wildly, having smelled blood and getting a solid ration of violence.

Jim: “Carter is out on her feet in the red corner. I can’t imagine the referee letting that happen for too long.”


Jim: “Referee Jeffrey Cain stops the action at 11:11 in Round 7! What a strong finish by Taylor Grant. A powerful surge to stop Chelsea Carter and become the American Super Lightweight champion.” 

Warren: “What we’ve just witnessed is a brilliant, more experienced boxer teaching a lesson to a great but less mature fighter. Grant showed us the patience that was missing in her game in the past, and it makes her a more dangerous boxer.” 

Jim: “What say you, Alesia?” 

Alesia: “I agree. Chelsea fought very well. Taylor endured under a barrage of punches before exploding when provided a single opportunity. Once she had Chelsea, she left no room for an escape.”

Jeffrey: “It’s over. Take your time now.”

Chelsea: “Oof.”

Mercedes gets ready to climb into the ring to take care of her cousin. “Man, she thinks. We had it together. I hope this doesn’t dent her confidence.”


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Chelsea Carter

A daredevil from San Francisco who follows the footsteps of her idol Alesia Schumann. Former American Super Lightweight champion.
Chelsea Carter

Taylor Grant

The reigning American Super Lightweight champion is a wealthy black woman who has the fastest hands in the division. Explosive, full of charm and cheeky attitude.
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  1. Alesia, This end result threw me for a loop!! 😲😲😭😭I knew that this would be a tough match for Chelsea, and that she would take some lumps. But I didn’t expect her to get knocked out!!🤕Taylor Grant is an exceptional fighter, and Chelsea would have to fight a different fight then she did with Amber Rose 🌹. At the point of round 7, both Chelsea and Taylor knew they had to amp up the pressure, as neither boxer was completely dominating the fight. Chelsea is the first to answer, as she hammers 🔨 home a vicious body shot to Taylor. So vicious that Elsie Nadege and Sky Houghton took note of it ringside. That punch hurt Taylor, but didn’t incapacitate her. Being the experienced boxer she is, she read a misstep by Chelsea and capitalized on it. She hammered 🔨 Chelsea with a hard left hook. Before Chelsea can recover, Taylor launches a rocket 🚀 right cross that connects hard on left cheek. She’s hurt, and she goes down. She gets back up, but it is clearly evident that Taylor has hurt the Champion. Taylor continues the momentum and continues to rain 🌧 punches 👊🏻 👊🏻🥊🥊 down on Chelsea!! The ref calls the fight, and Taylor Grant is crowned 👑 the new American Super Lightweight Champion. Chelsea fought well against a very good and tough fighter. The illustrations and narrative show very well how tough of a fight this was. Chelsea has her cousin Mercedes Carter and her good friend Alesia Schumann by her side. Her confidence will be stung 🐝, but not broken. She will rise again, like the Phoenix, and start whuppin some ass again!!

    • Defeat is always hard to take but Chelsea can learn from this experience. She boxed well but fell to someone who had more patience and serious firepower, and can see how her game can be improved to avoid repeating that in the future.

  2. Incredible performance by both fighters.

    I really like how Grant has matured as a fighter being a lot more disciplined and focused while maintaining her ruthless aggression.

    I was also really impressed by Chelsea. She hung in with the best until the very end. Chelsea has a ton of tools and potential down the line. Like Sophie with her last setback, she’s the near future not quite there yet but getting closer.

    • A valid comparison. Chelsea isn’t too far from the very top but Taylor is already there. That’s the difference in this fight.

  3. What’s Elsie’s favourite fragrance? Savage by Calvin Klein :D. That’s a woman who will watching fights in the nursing home 😀

    Anyway, the fight. Chelsea has kind of developed a reputation as a fighter that can be dropped but always will come back stronger. Well this time, she gets dropped and hurt by Taylor, and the lovely white haired Taylor finishes her off, forcing her to be saved by the referee. And judging from the blank look on Chelsea’s face, she was completely out on her feet.

    First, we learn an important lesson – Taylor Grant is no joke. She hung in there with the best prospect in the division, as on the losing end for quite a bit and then said ‘well here’s my chance’ and she took it perfectly. There’s something to be said about a clinical finisher and when you have elite skills? Well that’s a dangerous combination.

    Second, we learn about Chelsea that she’s not quite the finished package, not yet. Tons of talent, yes. Has she put it all together? Hmm, not quite. She still hasn’t had that dominant performance against a top opponent that she has long promised. So, a title gone and yet another chance to learn. Chelsea became much better after her first loss – and that option remains for her again after her second.

    • Taylor is made of the same fabric than Zohana and Elsie. If they weaken you, the only thing you came hope for is coming out of the ring on your own feet. Elsie adds a layer by enjoying it so openly when others are getting hit 😆

      This match doesn’t diminish Chelsea’s potential but it does say that there is still a step to take in the ladder. However, it marks Taylor’s return to title contention. Let’s see if the other girls want to mess with her.

  4. Damn…poor Chelsea…thought she would of had this one, she lost the belt on her first defense…

    But then again I also kinda saw this coming, like RCola said she’s been new to this division, and she became pro not long ago but she did have a good streak going on. It wasn’t gonna be long till she had to take another L from someone and that someone was Taylor.

    Taylor has more experience then her plus she has gotten way better since her last few fights and having a new coach which shows.

    I’m disappointed Chelsea lost but you can atleast say both her and Taylor put on a big show tonight, it was a great fight between the two of them, I hope she sees that..and hope it doesn’t put a big dent in her career and confidence.

    Seems like we’re seeing a lot of fights with losing belts this years…

    • Taylor was a little smarter in that match. Ready to suck it up and look for her moment. Smart is dangerous when you got hands like Taylor’s, with 13 knockouts to show for it.

      The Super Lightweight division is quite fluid at the moment!

  5. Okay, admittedly, this feels like an upset in the moment but not an upset in hindsight! Taylor did have more experience going into this fight and Carter still has a new division to get adjusted to, but with how much momentum Carter sustained, it was natural of people to expect Carter to keep it going and keep on winning! Definitely a setback for Chelsea here as she loses her title early into her reign. The American title seems to be going on a run with two champions losing it on their first title defense, so Taylor may need to enjoy the belt she will hold in a few moments while she can.

    • Momentum is nice in boxing, but the ring is no safe place when one mistake makes the entire fight slip away. Especially with Taylor Grant, who learned a lesson when she fought Alesia two years ago. Remember how she gave her a pounding but didn’t have solutions when Ally enacted Plan B.

  6. Whoa. I didn’t think that it would end that way. But, then again, you and the others have made a point that boxing can end either way. I only hope that Taylor and Chelsea show good sportsmanship towards each other when all is said and done.

    • Taylor is a fantastic fighter, and a more mature one now. That she won this fight despite being challenged may not have been the obvious expectation, but it was within her reach.

      • Perhaps, but I hope that this isn’t the end for Chelsea and that she doesn’t retire after this fight.

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