Physical Peach

After a back and forth opening, both fighters want to make an impact and take the lead in the middle rounds.

Emma thinks: She punches hard. But that’s it. I’ve been sparring with Virani for years. I can handle this chick.

Takara thinks: She’s strong, but I know my hands are dynamite. One taste and she’ll be on the floor.

Round 3


An aggressive Takara takes the middle of the ring right off the opening bell, forcing Emma to back off and be defensive. There’s no time to sneak inside, when your opponent is threatening to take your head off with her red gloves.

Takara is on target a decent amount, but never with the clean connection that she wants. She’s not able to find Emma’s chin, and any of her punches that do land are merely glancing blows as Emma avoids and leans away from inbound leather.

Emma thinks: This girl is such a headhunter. All I have to do is protect my head – she won’t throw to the body.

Laila: “Oshima is setting the pace, but like she has in some of her less impressive outings, the puncher has not been able to land that one punch that would really send a message to her opponent.”

As Takara’s flurry subsides, the Peach is the one that is able to get the effective offence for much of the third round. She works where she is best, using her strength in tight and overpowering Takara to create openings for land in narrow spaces. Takara finds that she has no answer for Emma. The best she can do is take a few punches and try to force a clinch. Strong as she is, Emma doesn’t allow clinches to happen easily.

At her best, Emma works Takara to the body, softening up the Japanese boxer with strong shots to the midsection.

Laila: “It’s not pretty or appropriately cinematic, but its effective. McGale is a demon when she gets in close with Oshima. Monique Deschamps is letting them fight inside and that is hugely important for McGale, who is winning this round comfortably.”


Round 4

Emma’s not a one-trick pony though. Her best work may come from short distances, but as Takara opens herself to try to throw, Emma drops away and throws low counters to the midsection. Emma’s long experience in training with Virani is of great use as she has no trouble reading Takara’s intentions. She also knows that going to the body of a puncher can really make them less willing to throw punches, for fear of getting caught every time they throw.

A good example of this is midway through the round – as Takara misses with a long right hand that was more hopeful than anything, Emma steps into range with a long left hand to the body that makes Takara grunt. Emma then steps back and away from any further retribution from the Japanese fighter.

Laila: “McGale is putting points on the board and pain into the body of Takara. This has been quite a performance so far by Emma, after a rocky first round.”

Round 5

Physicality. Boxing is a physical sport, but Emma has learned how to use her physicality to her advantage.

With Takara now knowing that cannot stop Emma from getting in close, she is finding that her ability to get punches on target are being disrupted by little shoves, expertly delivered by ‘The Peach.’ What would have been a dangerous left hook, with one well timed punch turned shove, is simply turned into a flailing left hand. It’s a strong enough shove that Takara’s whole body is pushed backwards from the force of the push.

Emma thinks: She’s off balance, or otherwise this wouldn’t be so easy. Takara can punch, but she’s so one dimensional. I’m just better. More well rounded. More tools to use.

A desperate Takara can feel the rounds and momentum slipping away from her. This was supposed to be just a warmup fight for her, one that would allow her to get another knockout on her record.

Emma spots an opening after an exchange, ducking to her left and then shifting her weight to throw a rising left hook. Takara’s left hand reply is a day late and a dollar short.


Laila: “Oh, a punishing left hook from McGale who caught Takara clean on the chin and nearly spun her head right around. The Canadian is bossing this fight at the moment. She’s landed by far the better of the punches, even against the noted power of ‘The Love Muffin.'”

That blow shakes Takara for a moment, but there’s not enough of a breakthrough for Emma to really take advantage.


DING! End of Round 5.

At the end of the round, a frustrated Takara squares up with Emma as she tries to make her way to her corner. Preferring not to go around her adversary, she gets in Emma’s face.

Takara: “Get out of my way.”

Emma: “You can’t make me do anything.”

Monique: “Ladies, to your corners. Tout de suite!”

Sandra thinks: Exactly what I want to see from Emma. She can be a nice girl, but I need the confidence in the ring.

The Halfway point

Laila: “McGale has reeled off four straight rounds to take the lead on my scorecard. Her work in close has been undeniable and while it’s hardly been a rout, and Oshima is clearly in this, the more effective work has all been McGale’s. Let’s go to the corners.”

Takara’s Corner

Clifford: “Are you still falling for this mind game shit? You are letting her in your head and its not helping you.”

Takara: “The ref won’t break it up!”

Clifford: “You have to earn those breaks. You haven’t adapted. You are letting her be first and she’s able to dictate where the fight is going. Even inside, all you have to do is create space for your punches and throw, but you are too defensive. Let your hands go.”

Takara: “She’s crowding me. Always an elbow or a shoulder in the way.”

Clifford: “You can push back. The ref is letting you fight. So fight!”

Emma’s Corner

Sandra: “I’m loving it, Peach. You are kicking her butt and she knows it.”

Emma: “Thanks coach.”

Sandra: “That’s all the praise you get for now until the fight is done, because this girl is still dangerous. Let’s pick up the intensity, shall we? Let’s see if we can really hurt this girl. The work you’ve done to the body is paying off, but her weakness has always been her chin – let’s test it if we can. Look body, go head.”

Emma: “Uppercuts?”

Sandra: “Whatever you think works. Hit that chin and Takara will go down.”

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Emma McGale

Emma McGale is an original character created by Alex. Living in Toronto, she is the Canadian Featherweight champion.
Emma McGale

Takara Oshima

A dangerous Lightweight who has speed and power in both hands. Now living in London after leaving Japan.
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Ringside talk


  1. This is shaping to be a tremendous fight, and it is with Round 5 that I predict Takara will fumble under the physical pressure yet again. Lost 4 straight rounds, got pushed around by the Canadian champion, got really frustrated talking to Emma without being able to do anything, all this after two major losses, if there is ever a sign of the downfall of a boxing career, Takara is easy to read. If Emma follows the advice and touches the chin of Takara, I think there will be no turning back for her. I think it will be too hard for her to recover mentally with a third loss, but Emma is showing why she might be the better boxer tonight. Weird to say for a champion, but maybe Takara made a mistake thinking the weight change would help her.

    • Takara hasn’t yet been truly hurt, but Emma is on a tremendous roll otherwise.

      You can’t count out the love muffin, but does she really have the mentality to claw her way back into this fight? It would show something that we haven’t quite seen before from her.

  2. Jesus, this is the same Takara with the crazy knock out power, the same one that beat Akane back in Japan. And now here’s Emma beating her and taking her apart like it’s nothing.
    It’s kinda scary how good she’s gotten now. Not only good but I love the confidence she has.

    Seriously these three rounds have been nothing but peachy…in a good way for the peach lol. It just feels like Takara has been doing nothing but head hunting which I’m sure her coach doesn’t want her to constantly do. She had power but she’s being very predictable. Sandra is right, she’s strong and skilled but she’s a one trick pony.

    Emma has been on a roll, she’s landing the Bette punches and she’s getting insides pretty well, but she also knows how to fight well from a distance when she has to, and she really knows how to use those shoulders, she’s similar to Alesia with using her shoulders.

    And what makes this hotter is the in close and personal fighting. Funny I’d think for someone like Takara who’s a heavy puncher would like to trade inside but she’s showing that she’s not strong in that part. Emma feels right at home, knows how to bully her opponents inside, which is pretty hot 😉

    And no surprise Takara would be pissed off, I have respect for her but getting angry all the time won’t do you any good lol

    Both coaches have good advice but I feel Sandra’s might get going for Emma, she’s not forcing her to go with uppercuts, it’s how Emma is gonna pull it off, Takara is still dangerous but who knows what will happen.

    • Emma’s taking Takara to school. The school of getting Peached 😀

      Takara’s a headhunter, and it’s difficult for Takara to target the body – punching to the body often means getting closer to your opponent, but that’s not what Takara wants. However, its making Takara someone one dimensional and even though its a pretty good dimension, Emma’s good enough and smart enough to fight her fight and not Takara’s fight.

      Haha, no one is as good at using her shoulders as Alesia. But Emma’s got nice shoulders too 😀

      Takara is good with straight punches, punches that require distance, not something you can do with Emma right in your face, punching you in the guts 😀

      At the end, Takara’s mad and Sandra is hinting that she wants Emma to think about putting an end to this one. It’s a dream for an Emma fan, but maybe it could happen?

  3. Takara’s raw power always makes her dangerous but Emma seems to emerge as the better boxer. Once the Peach gets inside your space, she’s there to conquer.

    The headhunter against the insider is one of the classics of the boxing ring. It usually favours the fighter who has a knack for landing short punches. No one can doubt who’s the boss when Emma close to Takara. A satisfying sight.

    The Peach’s little shove in Round 5 is smart. She’s got shoulder strength and uses it well for a little disruption. Out of her element, Takara gets smacked by a left hook. Not a knockout punch but it hurts. It’s gray leather that does the work in this match, not the red variety.

    Another element is the contrast in attitudes. The puncher is frustrated and the inside fighter adds insult by being confident face to face. Negative emotions can lead a boxer to lack discipline, so Takara has to get feelings under control to avoid costly mistakes.

    Coaches have good advice but will both of them implement it well?

    • Takara is struggling a bit with a fighter that has more tools in the toolbox than her. She doesn’t have Takara’s raw power, but maybe Sandra’s corner talk is ringing true – is Takara just good only at one specific thing?

      It seems that way. Takara’s connecting with punches, but not the type that she needs to really turn the fight on its head. And when Emma’s working, she’s landing very good punches on Takara, and ones that have to hurt.

      By the end of the round, we get a taste of how the fighters are feeling. Takara is frustrated and finds a Peach in her way. Rather than slink around, Emma doesn’t back down and reminds the Japanese fighter of her superiority. It’s good to see Emma not retreat to the ‘good girl’ act. Sometimes you have to stand up for yourself! And if it sets your opponent off too? Well all the better!

      Sandra doesn’t allow Emma to get carried away by her success – but she says that she needs to take the chin. Takara’s had a tendency to get dropped, but only to elite fighters. Can Emma join that group?

      On the other side of the ring, Clifford has to get Takara focused on the task at hand. This fight is getting away from her.