Taylor gets crowned to unanimous applause

New York City boxing fans get ready to hear the official announcement with a passing of the baton for the American Super Lightweight championship.

People gather in the ring as the audience is still cheering after a scintillating finish by the incoming champion.

Ring announcer: “Referee Jeffrey Cain stops the bout with 1:11 left in Round 7. Your winner by technical knockout AND NEW American Super Lightweight champion, from the Bronx! Taylor GRRRRRRRANNNNNNNT!”

She gets a fresh round of applause, including from the vanquished Chelsea. Brilliance is brilliance, so it gets its due recognition.


The perks of patience

Former foes get close to each other for a formal post-match interview.

Alesia: “Taylor Grant. Nice to meet you again. Congratulations on winning the American championship. Take us through what turned a tough match into a knockout.”

Taylor: “Thanks. Yeah, I give credit to Chelsea for fighting great. I took some shots and I was biding my time against a strong girl, waiting for a moment to take control. I’ve changed since you and I fought two years ago. I still have the fastest hands but I don’t only count on that anymore. Gotta have multiple dimensions to be the best in boxing. That includes patience when things don’t go your way.”

Alesia: “You now have the American belt. Do you expect to defend it against Chelsea?”

Taylor: “She has the rematch clause. Up to her to decide. If she triggers it, I’ll show up. Anywhere. Anytime.”

Alesia: “What about a world title?”

Taylor: “Well, you know that this one’s complicated. I fancied a rematch with you for some time but Steffi Slater’s got the belt now. You have a clause to take her on again and she has Sky Houghton as a mandatory. Tell you what: sort yourselves out so I can take on the winner. I can wait a little.”

Alesia: “Thank you, and congrats again.”

Chelsea Taylor 32

No regrets

Alesia: “On to Chelsea Carter. Got stopped for the first time. What’s your view on this match?”

Chelsea: “The way I fought today was different after my win against Amber Rose. I didn’t want a firefight with Taylor, and I wanted to box for points. I was there. Nearly perfect but one mistake and she got her chance. Jumped on me and you know how it feels. Her hands come in so fast from everywhere! She’s a fantastic puncher.”

Alesia: “Oh yeah. I know what her hands taste like.”

Taylor cracks up in the background.

Alesia: “Will you trigger the rematch clause?”

Chelsea: “Not for the American title. It’s yours, Taylor. Enjoy your run as the champion. I have to think about where I belong on the world stage, and about how to fix the shortcomings in my game. There’s work to be done.”

Alesia: “Any regrets for not taking a tune-up before doing this?”

Chelsea: “Not really. I enjoyed the match. Yeah sure, I got roughed up by Taylor but it’s a better experience than blowing away a tomato can and there’s no shame in losing to an amazing fighter. I’ll have vacation, return to the gym and see what boxing can bring me. The dream of fighting you is still alive. I mean, we’re probably one fight away from it now.”

Alesia: “True. Have a good rest and we’ll look forward to your comeback.”

Chelsea Taylor 33

Thanking the fans

Jim: “Thanks ladies. This closes our telecast for tonight. Thank you all for tuning in and see you soon. Good night from New York.”

Taylor and Chelsea join forces to thank the crowd for coming out to support them.

Chelsea Taylor 34
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Chelsea Carter

A daredevil from San Francisco who follows the footsteps of her idol Alesia Schumann. Former American Super Lightweight champion.
Chelsea Carter

Taylor Grant

The reigning American Super Lightweight champion is a wealthy black woman who has the fastest hands in the division. Explosive, full of charm and cheeky attitude.