Stepping in


Round 6 begins. The Canadian born Englishwoman feels very light on her feet. She hasn’t taken much in significant damage, excepting some of the blows in the first round. Emma knows that as long Takara is on her feet, she’s dangerous. She also knows one important thing – she’s winning.

It takes a few moments for the round to kick to life, but Emma, as she has done so very well against Takara, slips into punching range, getting to her perfered distance without getting hit. This time because Takara cannot connect with the elusive Emma, whose head and upper body movement have so far denied many clean hits.

Laila: “McGale is not known for being a defensive fighter, but she’s being tough to hit so far. It’s not advanced defensive tactics, it’s just the fundamentals done well by ‘The Peach.’”

Takara’s punches haven’t lost their snap, not yet. However, the Japanese fighter is simply trying to hit a homerun with a punch – a one-punch knockout that would just end the fight then and there. No doubt that Takara has the power and that Emma isn’t iron-chinned but those punches are easier to avoid.

What happens when Takara misses – often she’s slow in getting her defence back or getting her balance back. Emma is more than happy to take advantage. With 1:05 of the round remaning, she slips a right hand and then uses her new angle to throw a powerful hook to the liver area. Emma’s punch doesn’t provoke the reaction that sometimes happen when a fist meets that sensitive area. Takara’s grunt of pain shows it didn’t tickle either.

Laila: “That was lovely from McGale. She has landed some excellent shots to the body of Oshima, and she must be feeling those punches now. Heck, I can almost feel them.”

Slowing Down/Speeding UP

The punishment makes Takara slow down, and the first one to notice that is the woman in the ring with her.

A tired Takara becomes a bit more predictable and ‘The Peach’ notices a pattern. When she motions for a left hook, Takara ducks low to stifle the range. The Englishwoman is noted for her intelligence in the ring and soon she devises a plan – she feints the left hook, drawing the expected reaction before shifting her weight and throwing a scything overhand right.


The dark grey glove meets no resistance as she smashes Takara’s chin, sending sweat and hair flying.

Laila: “Now a HUGE shot from McGale! Takara Oshima looked like she was trying to take a bit of a breather but she got caught with a lethal overhand right from McGale. That one was right on the button!”


Takara’s legs buckle immediately and she collapses back into the ropes, which support her momentarily. The first knockdown of the fight goes to Emma McGale and it’s a hard one.

Emma thinks: Her eyes look bad. She might be gone.

Monique: “Down! Emma, neutral corner!”

Laila: “And DOWN GOES OSHIMA. That right hand was perfect from McGale and Oshima went down very hard. She might not be able to beat the count.”


Emma walks to the neutral corner. But not fast enough for Monique Deschamps.

Monique: “Neutral corner! Emma!”

Emma looks around perplexed. She is by all rights completely in the neutral corner. She’s not celebrating, just paying attention to the action.

Sandra: “Your job is to COUNT! Start COUNTING!”

Monique eventually does start the count.

Monique: “1….2….3……4……5.”

Takara is able to extract herself from the ropes with the extra seconds that have been granted her, but she still looks rough as she sits on the canvas with half the count remaining.

Takara thinks: This one ain’t over. Not yet. I am seeing so many stars right now though.

Monique: “6….7….8….9”

Takara is just barely able to drag herself to her feet before the count of ten. She puts her gloves up and tries to present a brave face. It’s not entirely convincing.

Monique: “Move to your left.”

Takara complies.

Monique: “Move to your right.”

Takara is not entirely convincing but she does so.

Sandra: “Ref! Let them FIGHT!”

Emma thinks: This ref gave her so much time to recover. Unbelievable.

Monique: “Okay, box on!”

Laila: “Well, the referee took her time in both the count and before letting Oshima continue the fight. McGale will have less time than she would like to maybe bring this one to an end.”

Hurting and Holding

Takara is still hurt. She knows it. Emma knows it. The drink vendor in the 10th row knows it. That means there’s not much point in subtlety. Emma tries to fire away, but Takara is able to avoid it. The Japanese fighter grabs on to her opponent, desperate for a break and a few more seconds to tick off the clock.

Monique is a bit slow to break the clinch so Emma gestures to her, mostly in frustration.

Emma: “I’d like to be able to punch, please.”

Monique: “Okay, break!”

Takara takes the longest time she can before breaking away.

Emma thinks: It’s okay. I just need one.

Takara doesn’t engage with Emma, but the boxing ring is a surprisingly small place to be, especially when your legs aren’t working as well as they usually are.

‘The Peach’ doesn’t have time to get in any serious offence, but she does send one last message right at the bell, as a winging overhand right gets through and crunches the jaw of Takara, sending her reeling backwards as the round ends.

Laila: “A last blow from McGale almost sends Oshima down for the second time in the round. Durability has cost Takara before and she doesn’t seem to be able to send up to the accumulated punches of McGale. We may be on the verge of a massive upset.”


Emma’s corner

Sandra: “Excellent work, my Peach. If I thought this ref would change her mind, I’d still be hollering about a slow count. Do you think she’s ready to go.”

Emma: “Absolutely. Her legs were gone. She’ll get the break to recover, though.”

Sandra: “Yeah, I’m not saying walk up to her with your hands down. Put a little more pop into some of those shots and I think this is done. Get her in the ropes, tee off and the ref will stop it.”

Emma: “I want a clean knockout.”

Sandra: “This isn’t make a wish night. Get the finish whatever way you can.”

Emma: “Gotcha coach.”

Takara’s Corner

Clifford: “How you feeling champ?”

Takara: “Still standing. Well, right now I’m sitting.”

Clifford: “I’m going to stop this, she’s beating the hell out of you, and you were out last round.”

Takara: “No. This is my career on the line. So help me god I will go out on my shield if I have to, I don’t need your protection.”

Clifford: “Why?”

Takara: “You wouldn’t understand. I have to do it this way.”

Clifford: “This is my last fight as your trainer, then.”

Takara: “So be it.”

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Emma McGale

Emma McGale is an original character created by Alex. Living in Toronto, she is the Canadian Featherweight champion.
Emma McGale

Takara Oshima

A dangerous Lightweight who has speed and power in both hands. Now living in London after leaving Japan.
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Ringside talk


  1. To be honest, this is perhaps the best post in terms of having so many photos I really like a lot all at once.

    The punch that turns Takara’s hair into a frenzy mess.

    Takara leaning on the bottom rope as Emma smiles at her.

    Takara with an arm over the bottom rope as she tries to recover on the mat.

    Emma’s reaction to the clinch.

    All of it is done really well, and this is becoming an interesting peak for me in terms of the fight. Takara is struggling enormously as Emma outboxes and quite frankly out-talents her cleanly towards the mat. If the referee wasn’t too slow, this would have been a perfect knockout ending for Emma. I think Takara is done and she doesn’t want to admit it. Like the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals, she wants to continue the losing effort despite making the same losing mistakes. Even risking her career and her coach now despite having little to no stamina left by the end of the round?

    I think we might need to start a Stock Killer nickname for Emma, because I think Takara’s will go down to the mat and right down the drain when the Canadian champion is through with her.

    • Thank you, compliments always appreciated :D. I’m a fan of the pose of when Takara is holding on to Emma myself. A scene that came out almost exactly how I wanted it to.

      Takara is getting taken to the cleaners. Just like the Celtics, Takara is preparing for round 7, but perhaps the decisive blow has already been struck (yes, I know the Warriors won in the series in 6. I’m trying for allegory here!)

  2. If you miss and take body shots, slowing down is pretty inevitable. And boy, is a single mistake costly late in that round. Repeating a dodging motion sets up Takara to get clocked by Emma with a powerful right that is rather devastating.

    What a “surprise”, though, that Monique Deschamps takes her time before counting, gives the hurt fighter more time to recuperate and lets her clinch.

    The Peach might rue the missed chance to finish the job but she can at least say that she landed the most significant punch in the aftermath of the knockdown.

    Now Sandra wants a clean knockout and Clifford is ready to end a coaching relationship over the decision to continue. Either Takara can land a game-changer of a punch or she’ll be put to sleep one more time. Two careers might depend on the outcome of Round 7.

    • Surprise, Monique Deschamps is a total wildcard! With her, everything in the ring is a bit of an adventure. She doesn’t generally get things wrong, she’s just sort of different.

      Emma’s certainly rolling – she’s landing hard to the body and the head, and Takara is totally worse for wear at this point, the body shots are really brutal, honestly. Emma’s going to wear down a lot of people like this.

      Round 7 seems like the spot where things all come to a head, no doubt.

  3. Emma’s become a killer. This Emma could give Virani a run for her money.

    I feel bad for Takara. It feels like this is Takara’s last fight. She’s lost against elite talent(1-2 in her last fights), hasn’t really evolved even with her new coach, and Emma is taking her apart.

    • Let’s not quite annoint Emma quite yet! The fight’s not even over, though it certainly is heading that way.

      Takara is a bit of a one-note fighter – it’s a hell of a note though. But her confidence seems to maybe be a bit gone at this point.

  4. Again as I said in the last post, it’s scary how good Emma has gotten. She’s so skilled, very skilled and smart for an inside fighter that knows when to brawn and fights from a rising needed.

    Just like the last couple of rounds she takes Takara apart slowly, her pincers may not be as strong as hers but they are definitely having there effect.
    Actually Emma’s punching power is strong enough to me!

    And then she gets a good shot to Takaras liver and an over hand right! Ok who am I kidding Emma definitely has power in those peachy hands!

    And the fight could have ended there if the ref did her fucking job properly like seriously what are you doing?! It could have ended there but you take your sweet time counting her out and giving her more time to recover.

    Is she giving her extra time cause she’s a champ? Or she’s a fan? Or she just sucks at her job? She’s weird.
    Then she even takes her time to break the clinch up. Don’t get me wrong you know I love a good clinch and can’t get enough of them, but seriously do your job! Or get a better career.

    Anyways….things go smoothly for Emma, Takara survived but for how long….almost starting to feel sorry for her…coach wants to stop the fight cause she’s not doing well at all…but she has the heart to keep going. Sadly this might be the last time he coached Takara.
    But I really wanrn Emma to win this, for once she’s facing an tough elite fighter and she’s doing well. It would suck if Takara got in a lucky punch to end the fight cause a certain ref doesn’t know how to do her fucking job properly.

    But then I don’t really see Takara doing anything else, she’s hurt so the next round might be the last.

    • Emma is having her way with Takara. Pure talent or just a good matchup? Well, lets not get ahead of ourselves, this isn’t over yet.

      As you said, she’s taking Takara apart slowly and then that overhand right. Blam! Down goes Oshima.

      Monique’s just weird. Trying to figure her out is impossible 😀

      Takara survived but she’s clearly hurting. The heart’s still there, but can she do anything different than she has been doing?

      Emma on the other hand is (probably rightly) looking to take Takara out in the next round. There’s probably going to be fireworks coming. Maybe of a Peach variety or maybe of a desperate comeback.

      • I feel it could be a mix of both, she may not be better then some fighters but you have to admit she’s come a long way and she’s gotten way better with the help of Thomas and now Sandra.

        She came into this fight nervous and Takara came in confident in the first round, but now the peach is dominating. She is still playing it safe though cause she knows how dangerous Takara still is. I feel the next round might be the last.
        Go Emma!