A brutal Peach

A back and forth round comes to a brutal conclusion

Takara Oshima rises slowly from her stool at the start of the round.

Takara thinks: I have to get at her, hurt her and finish her quickly. I don’t know if I can take one more clean punch. I still believe.

Emma thinks: Pick your spot, but let’s get her out of here.

With two fighters looking to perhaps end the fight in this round, it’s no surprise that the fireworks come early.

The breakthrough comes from the more desperate fighter. After a bit of an awkward exchange in the middle of the ring, Takara is the first to react and her right hand beats Emma’s left hand to the punch. Red leather collides solidly with the chin of Emma – the best punch Takara has landed in some rounds.

Laila: “There’s a punch out of nowhere! Oshima caught McGale flush! McGale might be hurt!”

The Featherweight champion of Canada is indeed wobbled and the Japanese fighter unleashes everything on Emma, trying desperately for a stoppage that she clearly needs to win the fight. Emma fades into the ropes as the onslaught goes on.

But Emma’s guard remains tight. She won’t allow Takara to land that next hurting punch that would really put her in trouble. Takara’s best shot is a good punch to the body, which does fold Emma a bit, but the Peach endures.

Laila: “Oshima is really going for it! She’s got McGale in the ropes and she is firing away. Nothing seems to be getting through and Oshima is missing a lot more than she is hitting.”

Tables Turned

The barrage from Takara fades away. The Japanese fighter has taken too much damage during the fight to maintain a high tempo for too long. She tried to get the finish, but she could not.

Emma thinks: Now’s my chance, she’s breathing hard.

Emma gets off the ropes and grabs on to Takara. She uses her strength and momentum to turn Takara into the ropes, reversing their earlier position.

Laila: “Clever from McGale! She escapes Oshima’s barrage. ‘The Love Muffin’ looks a bit tired in there, can ‘The Peach’ take advantage of a punched out opponent?”

With Takara now against the ropes, Emma goes to work. An exhausted Takara tries to punch her way off the ropes – her legs just simply don’t have the energy to escape the ropes easily.

All that just makes her an easy target for Emma, who is patient and calm as she looks to find that finishing punch or punches.

A quick jab that lands on Takara shows how faded the Japanese fighter appears to be.

Emma thinks: She’s totally ready to go. Just need that one punch.

Sandra: “Attack!”

Emma needs little encouragement. She piles on the pressure, firing a few weaker punches to get Takara to react and put it in her head that she needs to escape. The Japanese fighter knows that she needs to get out of the corner and back to the middle of the ring. She decides to try to sneak out to the left. Wrong move.

Emma’s right hand looks to the tired Japanese warrior as a punch to the body, so that’s what she protects. Emma’s sweeping right hook was always destined for Takara’s head and that is what it connects with. Her head snaps around with the power of the Paffen powered right fist.


Laila: “Massive punch from McGale! She got every bit of that one!”


That right hand is too much for the beleaguered Oshima. The lights go out almost immediately, and her legs lose strength. The canvas is the clear destination. But being tangled up with the ropes gives Emma one more chance to leave her mark on the former world challenger, catching her under the chin and snapping her head back.

Sandra thinks: This girl needs a more vicious nickname than ‘The Peach’ she’s a natural finisher.

Laila: “McGale gets in another shot as Oshima goes down!”


Down Hard

Completely out of it, Takara tumbles nearly out of the ring, coming to rest on the small section of the ring outside of the ropes. Her left leg remains strung over the bottom strand of the rope. Takara is in a sorry state as she finally comes to rest.

Emma raises her hands high as she prepares to go to the neutral corner. She knows this one is over, but she savours one last look at her downed opponent.

Emma thinks: She’s completely gone, wow.

Laila: “Oshima almost falls out of the ring! I think she’s out!”


Referee Monique Deschamps may make odd decisions from time to time, but not this one. This one is straightfoward. Takara is down and she is not moving.

Monique: “She’s OUT.”

Laila: “There will rightly not be a count, and McGale has brutally KO’d Takara Oshima here in Round 7. Wow, talk about a total statement win from a fighter. McGale was a class apart from Oshima, who had her moments but got her lights turned out in absolutely thunderous fashion by Emma McGale.”

Emma climbs the turnbuckle in the neutral corner and lets out a yell of delight.


Emma thinks: Fuck yes, this feels great. What a win! I knocked a former world title challenger clean out!


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  1. Oh my goodness! With even more fantastic photos in this post, I think this bout has to have a record of the most favorite photos I have within 1 fight! Emma got a fantastic finish and Takara laying unconscious nearly outside the ring is a tremendous view, that has to be going on every boxing magazine the next day! Good news: Takara lost to a Canadian champion. Bad news: This has to be her most stinging KO loss ever and that is saying something considering who has knocked Takara out before.

  2. Whew! I had a feeling that Emma would win this one, but I certainly did not expect that! I just hope that there are no hard feelings between Takara and Emma and that Takara will still be able to go on with her career in boxing after this one, no matter who her coach will be.

    • Emma won this one handily, no doubt.

      We’ll have to see what the future holds for either of them.

  3. Talk about a brutal ending and brutal beat down!

    Takara starts off the round getting the upper hand on Emma with that right hand to the cheek which rattled her. Followed by that punch to the body.

    She’s still dangerous alright but it doesn’t pats long, she sued you to much steam and the punches she’s taken have been catching up.
    Emma being smart grabs her(and looking quite sexy while doing it😍) get Takara on the ropes and dishes out punishment!

    That right hook and left hand from the p can finish the job on Takara! She didn’t getting home from and this time the ref knows that lol.
    I’m still in a state of shock, and happy as hell! Emma won against one of the toughest punchers, she may have been one dimensional but Emma to me has improved a lot since being introduced. It’s nice to see her grow! ❤️

    Hmmm as for Takara I really feel sorry for her now, three losses in a row now….we already know that her coach ain’t gonna be her coach anymore from what he said last post….
    So is this the end of Takara or will Alesia be doing anything else with her?

    • Well it was in the title!

      Takara has what turns out to be a last hurrah early in the round. But it’s not long lasting and when the Peach gets her chance, she turns out Takara’s lights!

      Emma’s emerged as a real threat now. I have to say that the inspiration from this did come from Alesia. But I’m more than happy to have her dish out punishment 😀

      As for Takara, I don’t feel too bad for her. I think she never recovered from her first loss. Just didn’t have the tools for the top level.

  4. Emma thinks: Pick your spot, but let’s get her out of here.

    Talk about delivering that literally!

    Before that even happened, Emma’s superiority was visible even to someone who would have missed the first six rounds. The Peach’s face still looked fresh while Takara’s was marked up. It was clear enough that Emma’s punches had been doing damage.

    Takara does get a couple of power shots in but she becomes vulnerable by punching herself out. If you can’t move, you are easier to punch.

    What a clinical finish by Emma. She used little punches for the setup in the ropes before landing a most vicious right hook. Takara was already toast at that point, but icing was added on the cake with a left that sent her out of the ring.

    Also, what a contrast at 1:14. You have Emma looking powerful while Takara’s body language spells devastation. It’s a total defeat.

    Emma’s fans won’t be the only ones who find her win satisfying. I also do. When you tell such stories, sometimes you fancy a loss at the hands of a character. Emma treated herself to a sparring KO against Alesia and this brutal knockout against Takara. I’m quite happy to have volunteered characters for her rise.

    • Emma make her early thoughts come to fruition, and quickly.

      Takara lands some of her best punches early in the round, and they certainly have their effect. But its not the kind of pressure that she can sustain. And when the tables are flipped…it finishes quickly and brutally.

      I think clinical is a good word for it. She doesn’t rush it, she waits for Takara to make a mistake and then she doesn’t miss. Takara’s out from the first shot, most likely, but a second one puts the icing on the cake.

      I do owe you for allowing Alesia and now Takara to feel the peach’s wrath. I think we’ve both enjoy her current resurgence 😀

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