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Tough questions are asked after a decision victory

At the bell, Sonia Fox takes a deep breath. Round 10 had been a tough round for her. It’s likely to be a loss, but she’s one of the few that can say that they went 10 rounds with Virani MacVicar and never touched the canvas.

Virani heads back to her corner, a single arm raised in triumph. It’s not an over the top celebration by any means, but she got the job done.

Virani thinks: This wasn’t glamorous but it was win.


Sandra Blohm climbs into the ring and takes the mouthpiece of Virani. It’s also time for a brief chat about how things went.

Sandra: “The fans won’t like it, but I really liked what I saw from you those last few rounds. You didn’t give her a chance to get going. And you didn’t take risks at the end. Smart.”

Virani: “I could have finished her off, I’m pretty sure.”

Sandra: “If I wanted you to knock her out, I would have told you. The lesson of this fight is adaptability. You can’t always play the puncher in these fights and hope it bails you out. You need to think. Plus, now that you’ve shown ‘weakness’ your matchmaking gets easier.”

Virani: “So this was all one big plan. You wanted me to go to a decision?”

Sandra: “Other coaches play checkers. I play chess. Plus, don’t you feel a bit more confident knowing that you have an alternative style you can use? One where you don’t get hit a lot? That’s good for your longevity.”

Virani: “I’m still best as a puncher. But yes, I see what you are doing.”

Sandra: “Don’t worry, the knockouts will come. I’m not trying to change your stripes.”

Laila: “Welcome back to the broadcast. We are now ready for the official decision, which we expect confirm Virani MacVicar claiming her first decision victory in more than five years.”

Mechelle: “But be full of praise for Sonia Fox. She gave it everything.”

Ring announcer: “After 10 rounds of action, we go to the judges’ scorecards. All three judges have this one scored 98-92, all for your winner by unanimous decision…ViraniThe Canadian Cobra’ MacVicar!

Virani’s arm is raised as the crowd applauds lightly. They wanted their fighter to win, but they were a bit disappointed at the usual violence not being displayed.

Laila: “I’ll be going ringside to chat with both Virani and Sonia, so I’ll leave things in your capable hands, Mechelle.”

Mechelle: “Thanks Laila. Looks like MacVicar and Fox are having a quick chat after the decision. Doesn’t look like there are hard feelings on either side.”

Virani: “Sonia. Girl you are tough! Did you have your jaw replaced with steel or something?”

Sonia: “No. You had me hurt at the end there. Kind of glad you didn’t go for it.”

Virani: “Wasn’t worth the risk. Look. Don’t let this loss hold you back. You’ve got more talent than you know. Get some wins and you’ll be on the upward path in no time.”

Sonia: “Thanks. It was an honour to share the same ring with you – now I know how you knocked all those girls out. That power and speed is something to experience.”

Virani: “Thank you. I think I was just born with it. Anyways, it was a pleasure to share the ring with you, but I’d rather not fight you again. I like girls to fall down or at least look hurt when I hit them with my best punches. Good luck in the future.”

Sonia: “Thanks. Good luck to you as well. I’ll be watching your fights for sure.”

It’s time for interviews. Laila Ali first meets with Virani.

Laila: “Virani, a victory here tonight, but some would say it’s not your most impressive performance. What were your thoughts.”

Virani: “I’d say that those people don’t know boxing at all. And let’s give a little credit to my opponent, Sonia Fox. I can’t just walk up and knock out a fighter like that. I landed some really good punches, and I didn’t end up hurting her with them. I can’t just magically change that. But overall, I’m happy with my performance. A victory is a victory is a victory.”

Laila: “You were told to switch gears about halfway through the fight. You showed a different side of yourself in the second half. Is that something we’ll see more with you?”

Virani: “I think flexibility is something that is important. I am not a one-dimensional fighter. That being said, I think we all know what I’m best at.”

Laila: “This is the second fight with your new coach. Are you at the level you want to be at the moment?”

Virani: “I would love to be world champion, but there’s about 50 other fighters who would say the same thing. I think we all know this is a process.”

Laila: “Any plans for what is coming next?”

Virani: “Nope. My coach has a plan and I’ll execute it. Fortunately, though, I boxed 10 rounds I came through it pretty unscathed so I can get back in the ring fairly quickly and I think that has to be the goal.”

Laila: “Thank you, Virani.”

Sonia Fox is up next to have the spotlight with Laila.

Laila: “Sonia Fox. How good does it feel to be the only fighter to ever go 10 rounds with Virani MacVicar?”

Sonia: “I’d like to tell you it feels great, but the truth is, my face hurts.”

The candid response draws a laugh from the crowd.

Laila: “You took some of Virani’s best shots, some of which looked liked the ones that had knocked out her prior opponents, and you just kept coming forward. Was it as bad as it looked?”

Sonia: “Probably! But I’ve always had the ability to shake off punches. It comes from being in a tough line of work. When you are a firefighter, you have to be able to push through pain, so I get lots of practice. Easier to run into a fire than get 10 rounds of punches from Virani MacVicar though.”

Laila: “You are the American champion, but I think everyone would like to see you take on Tanille Taylor again.”

Sonia: “I’d love to see it too. Her camp haven’t said much about a fight, so I assume they don’t want it. I think I learned a lot from that fight and the result would be different next time.”

Laila: “We will be happy to see you again. Sonia Fox, everyone!”

Social Media Weighs in…

Tanille Taylor
This was just pathetic to watch. If that was supposed to be entertainment, the fans should ask for their money back.
Cleveland, Ohio
Tanille Taylor
And Sonia Fox? Please. She’s coasting off a few lucky rounds she had against me. No need for a rematch, for her sake. Would hate to deprive a town of a dedicated firefighter.
Cleveland, Ohio
Sonia Fox Retweeted
“The Empress” Hee Jung Park
A good performance from Sonia Fox tonight. It takes real bravery to be on the wrong side of a one-sided fight and still keep coming forward. A true champion.
Los Angeles, California

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  1. It was certainly a rough battle, but that moment of Virani holding Sonia in was pretty nice. The next step of the rebuild is done, and I wonder if Virani is ready for that jump into the bigger opponents now that she has an alternate way of fighting. Perhaps a Top 10 boxer, maybe? With Kayleigh as a reigning champion, it would certainly motivate the entire division more into wanting that chance IF she and Michaela does not make an agreement on where the fight takes place. As for Sonia, even with the decision loss, at least she is slowly earning the respect of those Top 10, no, arguably Top 5 boxers here. It is ironic Tanille mocks her after this fight since boxers like the Empress certainly did not show Tanille that kind of respect to Tanille after she won! Having the respect of other boxers in different countries despite her limits in boxing ability, maybe this could help Sonia if she wants more money fights later on.

    • Sonia and Virani have no reason to dislike each other and the respect shows there at the end. It’s a nice moment, and one that you often see in the ring.

      Virani is certainly ready to take on someone in the top 10. No rebuild can last forever and Virani’s patience is not unlimited.

      For Sonia, she earned respect in this matchup and public respect from her sparring partner. That can be a currency of sort that could be cashed in upon down the road.

  2. Sandra you sly dog, guess we were right all along about her plan for This fight all along. This was a good test of V to see how well she can adapt to a new a style and to show she’s not just some one trick pony boxer. But it doesn’t mean we won’t see her pulling off knock outs in the future 😉

    I can see why she lost to Alesia and Hee Jung before. But now she’s starting to grow more.

    Virani: “Sonia. Girl you are tough! Did you have your jaw replaced with steel or something?”
    That had me cracking up XD but she ain’t wrong Sonia is tough as shit! She doesn’t stop moving forward, she is a champion for a reason.
    Guess being a fire fighter really pays off.

    Virani sounds confident in her coach now which is good, there may be bumps down the rose but I feel they will be a great team and tonight showed that.
    And hope that V and Sonia will come back even better then ever in there upcoming future fights.

    And of course Tanille has something smart to say, she doesn’t know good boxing when she sees it, and I bet she’s to afraid to face her again.
    Bitch Got a big mouth like that blond bitch.

    Great fight! ^^

    • Haha. Sandra is a woman with a plan. This fight was well chosen by Sandra to test Virani in a real fight scenario. Virani gave Alesia and Hee Jung good fights, but she didn’t really have enough, ya know. Now she might have that little bit more to offer something a little different in a fight like that.

      Sonia remains tough and I think she’ll be a difficult opponent for anyone who steps in the ring with her.

      Tanille’s got to weigh in of course :D. She’s…an interesting person.

  3. Sandra: “Don’t worry, the knockouts will come. I’m not trying to change your stripes.”

    That comment has its value. There are boxers who jump into the ring seeking knockouts and boxers who simply do their thing and let it come if and when it comes. The second mindset is the smarter one because if you can’t send the opponent down, you don’t try to force it and risk seeing the effort backfiring.

    Virani: “Sonia. Girl you are tough! Did you have your jaw replaced with steel or something?”

    “Reinforced concrete” would have been such a good answer 😆

    Virani: “My coach has a plan and I’ll execute it.”

    Some fighters will use that line to sidestep questions about protective matchmaking from their promoters but this has an entirely different meaning. It shows that the Cobra accepts Sandra’s planning, which wasn’t obvious when these two joined forces. At the time, her thinking was “if I don’t like what I see, I can still fire her”.

    How things have changed.

    Oh, Tanille. I think she’s ducking a rematch with Sonia while offering an act of bravado. That’s quite the stretch!

    • Sandra, we get the sense here, has a long term plan that this was only the 2nd step of it. You are right that a boxer can’t plan their entire existence around seeking a knockout. And as you said, you don’t want to over commit seeking a knockout.

      Sonia’s jaw is certainly reinforced concrete. Maybe with some tungsten in there as well 😀

      Virani’s always going to be diplomatic in public, but after seeing how Sandra turned around Emma’s career, she’d of course be more bought in now than when she was an ‘unproven’ coach.

      Tanille’s both ducking Sonia and acting tough. It’s a heck of a moment. Good old social media 😀

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