Heavy artillery

Chelsea catches fire

Nearly even after two rounds, Alesia and Chelsea are aware that this contest is about to get more difficult. Nevertheless, they get out of their corners with winning on their mind.

Chelsea thinks: “Right. Either I give everything and then some or she’ll bury me.”

Alesia thinks: “I’m sure she has something up her sleeve. Won’t let her do it.”

High Voltage takes a deep breath, hears the bell ring and meets Alesia in the middle of the ring. The next 30 seconds feature the visitor using her arms like pistons to throw shots aimed not only at a target but also at stifling the game plan.

The Diva reacts generally well but being under this sort of offensive pressure is an intense experience. There are only so many punches you can avoid, block or step away from without conceding too much space and getting trapped.

The blonde decides to make a statement by counterattacking alongside the ropes. She goes in with a right cross that Chelsea times properly. She slips in her signature left hook. A red leather clad fist digs into Ally’s cheek. Paff!

Esther: “Carter’s left hook is one of the hardest ones in the business and she applies it perfectly.”

Anna: “She created that scoring chance with a high work rate which made Alesia look for a way to force respect before getting caught.”



Alesia thinks: “I’m not letting her dogwalk me.”

The German accelerates the pace of her footwork and lets her hands go more frequently. Chelsea covers up to block a couple of salvos while trying to keep control of positioning.

Alesia sets up a trap near the ropes. She throws a lazy jab and lets it drop while stepping back, prompting Chelsea to launch a big right cross. The former world champ then twists on her feet to come back in with a short overhand. The American walks straight into it, taking a white glove on the chin.

The crowd cheers.

Esther: “Not to be outdone, Schumann strikes back with a smashing right after baiting Carter. A warning sign that you can’t be overly confidence against her.”

Anna: “The Diva doing Diva things. She’s at her best when outthinking the opposition to pull off clever moves they’re not expecting.”

Alesia Chelsea 21-1
Alesia Chelsea 21-2
Alesia Chelsea 21-3

The girl in red and black takes a mini-breather to shake off the pain. Then she resumes the hunting operation with even more intensity. Firing red cannonballs that make even her idol become more cautious for fear of making a costly mistake.

Esther: “What an intense round this is. Carter has Schumann backing up into the ropes and she throws a threatening right that makes the favourite cover up to block.”

Anna: “Boxing is sometimes described as a game of cat and mouse. Sometimes you’re the cat chasing the mouse but if you’re not careful, the roles will be quickly reversed and you get bitten.”

Alesia Chelsea 22-1
Alesia Chelsea 22-2
Alesia Chelsea 22-3

Jousting for power, the pugilists get back to the middle of the ring to exchange flurries without landing something squarely.

Chelsea slows down a tad before shifting gears again. The next switch-hitting is ingenious: she shuffles her feet to throw a left cross missile that makes Alesia tighten her guard to block before shuffling on the other side and throwing the same punch with her right hand. The red glove collides with the white ones with such force that it splits the guard and crashes into Alesia’s cheek.


Esther: “What a move by Carter! She snaps Schumann’s head back with a monster of a right cross after pivoting in an instant!”

Anna: “There’s no doubt that this hurt. The brute force this woman can put into a single punch is often stunning, as previous opponents can testify.”



Chelsea’s feeling her oats. Nothing is more encouraging to a boxer than feeling their knuckles landing on the opponent and seeing them in pain. The San Franciscan keeps the initiative by following up with a flurry that prevents the Bavarian from toasting her with crunchy counters.

Alesia opts for defending with her shoulder rolls as a holding pattern. This doesn’t diminish the intrepid number two contender’s combativeness. She comes forward, fakes a jab and launches a devil of a right hook. The girl wearing black and white rolls with it but the gloved fist hits her upper torso to force it back while connecting partly with the chin.

Sophie: “Man. Chelsea’s making daring moves.”

Heather: “Accurate ones as well.”

Alesia Chelsea 24-1
Alesia Chelsea 24-2
Alesia Chelsea 24-3

Nearly cracking under further pressure and knowing that this round is slipping away, Alesia puts staying power before opportunism. She tightens her guard, narrows the gap between the two contestants and eventually has a chance to grab Chelsea into a clinch.

The timing of the move is accurate. Chelsea’s balance is compromised and her firepower is nullified with both arms tied.

Esther: “The two fighters tango in the middle of the ring until a hand gesture by referee Kanti makes them break and reset.”

Anna: “Delaying tactics by Alesia, most probably to accept that this round isn’t hers before making adjustments in the next one.”

Alesia Chelsea 25-1
Alesia Chelsea 25-2
Alesia Chelsea 25-3
Alesia Chelsea 25-4

Chelsea isn’t a willing seller. Struggling to get through the defensive wall, she gambles right after hearing the ’10 seconds left’ signal. Alesia’s already throwing a defensive jab when the brunette goes all-in to slip a left hook towards the liver area. The blonde motions to bat the punch down but it comes in too quickly to be deflected.

Esther: “Carter lands another clever shot, this time downstairs. This is clearly her round.”

Alesia Chelsea 26-1
Alesia Chelsea 26-2
Alesia Chelsea 26-3

The bell rings shortly thereafter and the contestants return to their corners.

Summer: “What a round by Chelsea. I think she’s able to win it if she plays her cards right.”

Christine: “She could, but it’s like walking a tight rope. Can’t lose your balance at any point. You think she has the stamina if this becomes a long fight?”

Summer: “She’s well-trained but this work rate is immense. She could slow down in the championship rounds.”

Christine: “Which is where Alesia likes to take her opponents.”

Alesia Chelsea 27-1
Alesia Chelsea 27-2


Esther: “Let’s hear what the coaches now have to say.”

Regina: “You know she got that round and you know what I’m about to say here. I need you to step on the gas. Delaying tactics won’t be enough to stop her. She’s not agitated anymore; just focused and fighting really well with a good engine.”

Alesia: “Let my hands go?”

Regina: “You have to hit her hard to make her respect you.”

The blonde nods.

A surprising scene takes place across the ring.

Chelsea: “Not bad, huh?”

Mercedes: “Dafuq is dat attitude?”

Chelsea: “…”

Mercedes: “This ain’t no time to get high on winnin’ a round. Get back to earth because dat chick’s gunna make the fight even harder in a few seconds! I want a helluva lot more in Round 4. When she be movin’, move faster! When she be punchin’, punch harder! When she be clinchin’, clinch harder! Ya got me, pork chop?”

She nods.

Mercedes: “Ye’ll get a pat on the back AFTER da match, not between them rounds. Now get to work!”

Alesia Chelsea 29-1
Alesia Chelsea 29-2

Anna: “I give Round 3 to Chelsea for a total of 29 on each side. This match is as tight as it gets after a good start by Alesia and a quality comeback by Chelsea. This battle hasn’t been decided yet.”

Virani: “This round showcased Chelsea nearly at her best, only contained by the strength and defensive wizardry of the former champion. We are almost a third through the fight and this one remains as unpredictable now as it did at the beginning.”

Alesia Chelsea 28

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Alesia Schumann

German Super Lightweight champion, former world champion and one of the pound for pound best. The Diva is known for her tactical strength and durability.
Alesia Schumann

Chelsea Carter

The Super Lightweight world champion. A daredevil from San Francisco who follows the footsteps of her idol Alesia Schumann. Former American champion.
Chelsea Carter
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