Tour de force

Chelsea turns into a woman possessed

Our contestants share an objective as Round 4 is about to begin. Both believe that hand activity is necessary to assert dominance. Ding.

They circle and progressively get closer near the centre of the ring. After a couple of customary range finders, Chelsea picks up where she left off in the previous three minutes. Floating isn’t the plan here; she chooses to throw explosive punches without second thought. Red bombs keep flying in Alesia’s direction without any sign of letting up, forbidding her from taking the crucial second needed to get steady.

Destabilised by the attacks, the blonde makes a mistake as she bends low and winds up for a left uppercut on the counter. Her right hand drops, opening a pathway for the brunette’s left hand to travel. Chelsea twists her torso from left to right to send out a crunching left hook from above. It socks Alesia on the cheek. PISH.

Esther: “Carter’s left hand is crisp and accurate once again, giving her an edge in the first half of this fight.”

Anna: “The two boxers dropped their right hands while in motion, but it doesn’t matter for the American as she hits the target. While Alesia dropping her right is a mistake, it looks like the Chelsea keeps her hands loose because the freedom to move weighs more than fear of the counter.”

Alesia Chelsea 30-1
Alesia Chelsea 30-2
Alesia Chelsea 30-3

Pilot in the cabin

Confidence remains sky high on the brunette’s side, who feels in control much like she does when dictating a plane’s movement. She circles around Alesia and owns the ring in a way that is obvious to anyone looking. The most satisfying ring experience ever.

It’s a mirror opposite for Alesia. Confidence is at a low point since her attempt to match the opponent’s efforts simply isn’t working. The red gloved fists fly faster than the white ones and they make a smacking sound on impact. On the receiving end, Alesia feels like each blow slows her down a tad and builds up a headache.

Into the second minute of the round, the blonde sets her feet near the middle of the ring with a seemingly good angle to send a right hook around Chelsea’s guard. As the German motions for it, High Voltage settles down and unleashes a left uppercut that cracks the lower part of Ally’s face, snapping her head up and making her right arm flail.


The next minute is annoying for the two boxers. Alesia turns more defensive, playing an evasion game to buy herself time to regain stability because taking punches only helps Chelsea’s assertiveness to increase. She concedes the middle of the ring to an assailant who keeps raiding the fortress.

Chelsea thinks: “This isn’t working. Change of tactics. Gonna push her around a little.”

She does it as the third minute begins. Alesia is circling around and throwing jabs to keep her opponent as far as possible. When she brings back her left hand after a double jab, Chelsea replies with a looping shot at the right shoulder to mess with her balance.

Alesia Chelsea 32-1
Alesia Chelsea 32-2
Alesia Chelsea 32-3

Like a bad dream

One of the most basic facts in fistic arts comes into play. If you aren’t stable on your feet, you are not ready to absorb a shock. You need to reset. Chelsea provides the punch but not the time. She comes in with a smashing short right in middle of the Diva’s face. PISH! A full set of tightly wrapped knuckles that the eight-ounce glove barely cushions.

Esther: “Carter compromises Schumann’s balance and SCORES with a powerful right hand that’s accurate like clockwork. Or one that can break a clock.”

Anna: “Alesia got clocked. That she’s still standing is testament to her durability, but how long can anyone take this kind of drubbing?”

Heather: “What the hell is going on here?”

Sophie: “Fuck me. This is turning into a nightmare.”

Alesia Chelsea 33-1
Alesia Chelsea 33-2
Alesia Chelsea 33-3
Alesia Chelsea 33-4

The crash

Alesia is hurt. She wants to use delaying tactics but having been hit hard so many times increases Chelsea’s advantage. The inevitable happens with 19 seconds left on the clock. The Bavarian is cornered and she no longer has the footwork to escape. She’s vulnerable. Chelsea sends a couple of lightning-fast straight hands that make her guard drop.

The unprotected head is like a freshly unwrapped gift to Chelsea. She takes out the biggest weapon in her arsenal, the left hook, and launches it straight at the German’s jaw. Ally’s entire upper body swings under the heavy impact, and an acute groan comes out of her throat. The crowd gasps.


Esther: “Schumann goes down after eating a thunderous left hook! She’s on the canvas and her prospects look absolutely dire. The way she fell to the side suggests that power shots taken in this round have worn down her legendary endurance.”

Chelsea: “Yes!”

Anna: “I think we’re experiencing a crash here. Alesia has lost momentum and got hurt in front of a very opportunistic Chelsea. The American withstood an early challenge to turn this into a whirlwind.”


Kanti sends High Voltage to a neutral corner and approaches Alesia while her VIP guests’ jaws drop. They never thought that Chelsea would do this.

Although hurt, the blonde taps into energy reserves to fight the pain and a spinning head to slowly get up as the referee counts. Second by second, the number goes up. So does Alesia herself. It’s a painful process. By the count of 9, she’s on her feet, glancing at Kanti with one hand up. Is it eagerness to continue that shows up in her face when asked if she wants it? No. It’s the desire not to give up.

Kanti: “Are… you… sure?”

Alesia: “Please. Don’t stop the fight.”

Esther: “Alesia Schumann just won’t quit. Bravery and courage rolled into one after taking massive hits in this round.”

Anna: “It’s not Alesia’s type to quit. She’s made of steel but if you are a fan of hers, this round is pretty hard to watch.”

Alesia Chelsea 36-1
Alesia Chelsea 36-2
Alesia Chelsea 36-3

Only seven seconds remain in the round when the official puts her hand down to signal that the match can resume. Chelsea wants to put the final coat of polish to her work if she can, but the German proves her resilience once more. She immediately bends her legs, goes below Chelsea and grabs her upwards to produce a clinch.

The American tries to punch, but all she can catch is the back, with the sides of her gloves as the girl from Munich twists to deflect.

Chelsea: “Dammit!”

With only two seconds to go, it’s a stalemate. Kanti steps in to break the fighters apart.

Kanti: “Let it go!”

Alesia Chelsea 37-1
Alesia Chelsea 37-2
Alesia Chelsea 37-3
Alesia Chelsea 37-4

The ref stands between the two fighters after separating them, and the bell rings. Round 4 is over, but the fight isn’t.

Ally survived the biggest scare. She starts walking back to her corner, but Chelsea comes a little closer. This prompts Kanti to step between them again, just in case.

Chelsea: “So, am I still just some girl with two fists?”

Alesia: “Who shat on your cornflakes this morning? Go away.”

The official agrees with that demand.

Kanti: “Chelsea… to your corner now!”

Alesia Chelsea 38-1
Alesia Chelsea 38-2

Dire times

The fight has reached a critical point in the red corner. By now, the coach doesn’t think it should continue.

Regina: “Babe. You’re taking a beating. This can’t last much longer. I’m gonna have to…”

Alesia: “You’re not stopping anything.”

Regina: “Ally… we have a rematch clause and can do this. Just need to work on new stuff in the gym.”

Alesia: “Not quitting on my stool. I’d rather go out on my shield.”

Regina: “Let me stop it before that can happen.”

Alesia: “No surrender. If she takes me by force, you let her do it.”

Regina: “But Ally…”

The Diva shakes her head. Her coach does what former fighters often do in such situations. She yields. The warrior mentality is impossible to shake off and going against her fighter’s will could harm the relationship.

The legend resorts to cleaning up her face and applying cold metal to prevent swelling.


She who has the power

In the first row, Heidi leans close to Veronica to whisper a question that nobody else can hear.

Heidi: “What do you make of this?”

Veronica: “A naked show of power. You’re the executive boss, I’m your second and Regina has moral authority but in times of conflict, Ally has the talent and clout. She can override anyone, even when she shouldn’t.”

Heidi: “You got it faster than I did.”

The sky is blue in the… well, the blue corner.

Mercedes: “Fantastic job. Ya hit her really hard this round. My concern is one of them big comebacks of her.”

Chelsea: “Do you trust me?”

Mercedes: “Right now? More than ever.”

Chelsea: “Then just watch. I’m cancelling a comeback before she can even start.”

Mercedes: “Man.”

Chelsea: “I don’t need instructions. Just to hear a bell. She won’t last long.”

Anna: “The fight took a sharp turn in favour of Chelsea Carter in Round 4 with not only a dominant display but also a big knockdown that gives her the lead. Let’s find out what ringside reporter Virani sees at this point.”

Virani: “This is the danger zone for Alesia Schumann. She’s capable of immense comebacks, but she needs to get out of the woods first. Chelsea Carter is an explosive finisher, and no doubt she will look for the finish here, but it’s a balancing act of trying to get the finish and potentially punching yourself out. Something I know quite well.”

Alesia Chelsea 40

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Alesia Schumann

German Super Lightweight champion, former world champion and one of the pound for pound best. The Diva is known for her tactical strength and durability.
Alesia Schumann

Chelsea Carter

The Super Lightweight world champion. A daredevil from San Francisco who follows the footsteps of her idol Alesia Schumann. Former American champion.
Chelsea Carter
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