Fiery Kong

Michaela shows her championship pedigree

The second round begins with the ring of the bell. The two fighters spar over the center of the ring, neither willing to concede ground or take a step back.

Mostly it’s a cold war of feints and near misses, but Michaela is the one with the confidence at the moment, so she leans to her right and snaps an uppercut through Virani’s guard as she fails to account for the unexpected angle of the punch. The Paffen leather catches Virani around the chin and mouth, causing a painful impact for the Canadian.

Virani: “Mhmph!”

Laila: “A lovely uppercut from Queen Kong to open the hostilities in the second round. That one seemed to take some starch from Virani MacVicar. If that had gotten under the chin, that might have been the end of the fight right there.”

Hurt early in the round by that stunning uppercut, Virani knows she needs to delay until she can fully recover from receiving such a blow from the hard punching champion. The middle part of the round involves Virani stepping into Michaela and controlling her physically, usually an array of clinches that keep Michaela from landing with any further leathery bombs.

Sandra thinks: It’s not pretty, but it’s effective. Good adjustment.

Laila: “MacVicar is slowing the pace of this second round, no doubt after getting a dose of leather from Sommer early in the round. It’s a bit of an ugly move and it won’t win any points with the crowd, but it makes sure she’s not getting blasted out by a champion that can more than do just that.”

Virani takes the brunt of the punches in the round, but she makes it a slower paced round than the fast and frantic first round. The Canadian keeps a tight, high guard preventing Michaela from landing the power punches that she is very much known for.

A frustrated Michaela pounds Virani’s mauve gloves many a time during the round, but eventually gives up with that plan and targets the body. Virani decides not to make an adjustment, instead toughing out the incoming body punches from Queen Kong. Not a strategy that you’ll enjoy the next morning, or next week, no doubt.

Laila: “Another strong round for the champion who stunned Virani in the early stages with an uppercut and did not relent. It’s still not a fight that is likely to go the distance, but if it does, Virani MacVicar is trailing both in the scorecards and on damage taken.”

round 3

Virani starts off eagerly in the third round, having recovered from a tough round. The Canadian is the aggressor in the early part and has some success, pushing Michaela back and garnering the upper hand.

But the champion is cool under fire, and when Virani overextends, Queen Kong doesn’t miss her chance, slamming a meat clever of a right hand into Virani’s head, snapping the Canadian’s head to the side.


Laila: “Sommer lands a bomb! I can’t believe Virani is standing after taking such a punch!”


Virani takes the right hand, but she is hurt, yet again, by another punch from Michaela and goes into survival mode. It’s not something easy to do against Michaela Sommer, and the Queen of the division does get her breakthrough as she gets Virani into the ropes. The Canadian finds defence much harder in this position, as the German fighter isn’t as worried about a reply from the mauve gloves of the challenger.

Michaela also enjoys getting physical with Virani in close quarters – using both hands to keep Virani busy and off guard, before throwing her real attack.

Sandra: “Get off the ropes NOW!”

Laila: “MacVicar is struggling after taking a massive shot early in the third. She’s going to have to get Michaela’s respect, before this becomes a short night.”

The Canadian Cobra does eventually manage to get her bearings back and get out of the danger zone. Michaela is a bit more passive at this point, knowing she has a big lead on the scorecards and knowing that Virani is a very dangerous puncher in her own right.

Forced into a bit of a desperation play, Virani gets into the business of bending the rules. After a missed exchange, Virani uses a free left hand to pull Michaela’s head down, and then with the position of her opponent compromised, she drives a right hand into the jaw of the champion.

Axel: Ref! Holding and hitting.

Virani thinks: Yes it was, but who’s going to stop me? The first step will always be a warning. Until I get told to stop, this is what I need to do.

A late blow

Michaela is incensed at the non-call from the referee, and the fight, while already heated, gets knocked into another level of intensity.

The two trade punches and combinations, but no one makes much of a breakthrough and the round heads to a close.


As Akane Watanabe steps in between the two fighters, Virani throws another punch after the bell. Having dropped her hands already, Michaela takes the purple leather right on the chin.

The crowd reacts strongly, viewing Virani’s punch as coming intentionally late after the bell.

Laila: “Oh no! That punch was late from the challenger, and the crowd, as well as Michaela’s corner are up in arms.”


Akane Watanabe understands that this is a key moment in the fight and she must stamp her authority on it.

Akane: “Round’s over! To your corners!”

Michaela: “That was a foul! Deduct a point?”

Virani: “It’s a fight, stop whining, champ.”

Michaela: “Fight fair. Or can you only win the other way?”

Virani replies with a flippant shrug and the Canadian walks to her corner.


Sandra: “You know, if you didn’t sweet talk me into this fight, I’d throw in the towel right now. But you wanted this fight, I guess you like getting your ass kicked.”

Virani: “I…”

Sandra: “No, shut the hell up. This is my time to talk. Pull your head out of your ass!”

Virani: “It’s hard with these gloves.”

Sandra: “Funny. You told me that this was going to be the best Virani ever! This is the dumbest Virani fight I’ve ever watched. YOU ARE A PUNCHER. Stop being afraid to punch – because if you are afraid to punch, she’s going to walk right through you and leave you out cold on the canvas. And I’ll just say ‘I told you so.”

Virani nods.

Sandra: “I want no fucking fear in this next round. She hits you, fucking hit her right back! This fight is a war. It’s not some sweet science bullshit. Impose yourself on her! None of this patient hunter shit. You aren’t Alesia Schumann. If you are going to lose, at least lose as Virani MacVicar.”

Virani: “I’m not going to lose.”

Sandra: “Show me.”

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Virani MacVicar

Current number one contender in the Featherweight division, by Alex. Get her full profile and fight history.

Michaela SOmmer

The German Featherweight champion is a tough inside fighter, with size, who punches above her weight.
Michaela Sommer
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Ringside talk


  1. Damn, it is still going south early for Virani. I feel that talk from Sandra is necessary, the last thing both of them need is a repeated beatdown from Virani’s last World title bout. However, now wanting her to become the puncher she is known for can be risky. Playing it safe would make it a longer process and go into late rounds, but one mistake as a puncher in the next round? That can end a fight almost instantly. Bend and break rules if you have to, but these kinds of tactics are risky for a reason. Points and knockdowns go hand in hand.

  2. Michaela is the sort of boxer people turn out to see. When her punches connect, opponents suffer. Virani’s delaying tactics after eating the uppercut show that another clean punch or two might have been fatal for title prospects.

    That second round is a real struggle for the Canadian, who gets bullied by power shots and doesn’t feel like she can let her hands go to retaliate.

    The early part of Round 3 proves that this assessment is correct. One mistake is enough to get clocked by a right hand from the champion. It only gets worse for a hurting Virani when she’s at Michaela’s mercy in the ropes. She gets a little break when the champ slows down out of cautiousness.

    A little holding and punching is forgiven – few refs will make an immediate call on the first occasion.

    The punishing right hand received after the bell makes Akane take back control but late punches can generate acrimony. I wonder how the champ will react in the next round. Will she go for payback later or stay focused on what worked so far?

    With Virani told to take more swings the intensity might just increase to a higher level 👀

    • Michaela is a crowd pleaser. She comes forward. She throws bombs. She hurts her opponents. But she also boxes well when necessary.

      Michalea’s power is such that Virani feels like exchanging is a path towards defeat. Part of that is maybe being a bit gunshy, but its also about respect.

      The 3rd round is the best for Queen Kong – that right hand early in the round means that she can take control and bully Virani afterwards along the ropes.

      Virani’s a bit desperate and it shows as she bends the rules, both consciously and unconsciously. Akane reacts and I suspect she’ll have to lay down the law if things continue to deteriorate.

      Virani’s got to show something soon – she’s getting run over by Michaela at the moment.

  3. Ok so these two rounds were very brutal for the Canadian cobra. Two rounds and she has been eating leather to her body and to her face, and her chin which is even worse. Michaela wants this fight to be another short one and she wants this win badly.

    Only way V can survive is to bend the rules a bit in round 3, but that late punch was obviously by accident and desperation. But you gotta do what you can to survive.

    And it’s not only a brutal 2 rounds from Michaela but V gets some brutal words and serious talk from Sandra, this coach doesn’t hold back one bit, but I can’t blame her cause this is the fight V wanted.

    I feel she should have did one more fight before facing her but she’s head now and I know damn well she can do better then this. Show her why your a dangerous puncher Cobra! 🐍

    • Not a great few rounds for Virani. She’s dieting on German leather at the moment and Michaela is keen on offering an overdose.

      Virani’s bending the rules a bit to stay in the fight – not really a great sign 😀

      Another fight could have helped Virani, but guaranteed world title fights don’t come around every day either!

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