The Cobra-Kong war

Fouls abound as the fight gets heated


The fourth round of this WBU title fight commences. It’s been a pretty good night so far for the champion, who is certainly up on the scorecards heading into the middle rounds. It creates an air of intrigue – can the challenger come back or is this going to be a short and sweet night for the champion? The impetus is certainly on the challenger.

She is up to the task early in the fourth, moving fluidly and shifting well, keeping the advancing Michaela off guard. The Canadian lands the first clean blow of the round, a crisp overhand left that strikes Michaela dangerously around the temple area – always a place that can disrupt the equilibrium of a fighter if it lands just right.

Laila: “A decisive start for Virani here in the fourth round. It’s been a tough fight so far for the popular Canadian, but she is the type of fighter that can win any fight with one well placed punch. Of course, so is the champion. Which is what makes this fight so tense.”

An intense start isn’t going to make Michela back down providing the action. The champion knows only one way in the ring and that is forward. She pressures Virani into balancing both attack and defence.

Virani gets low to avoid some incoming punches from Michaela, but the German adjusts after missing a punch to slam a quick left hook into Virani’s jaw.

Laila: “A clever cleaver of a left hook from the champion who continues to showcase her talents at this kind of technical slugfest. She’s simply the more accurate and aggressive fighter.”

Fouls Abound

Virani and Michaela engage in a furious fourth round. It breaks down into something a little less like classic boxing and becomes a little more like a backroom brawl. It’s intense enough that even the usually well intentioned fighters, well, they get a little bit heated.

When tussling towards the ropes, Virani turns away for a moment in an attempt to get out of a disadvantageous position. Michaela throws a punch whose target can only be the sensitive part of the back of the head of the Canadian. The punch does strike its target, drawing a pained groan from the Canadian.

Akane: “Michaela! Watch the back of the head!”

Michaela thinks: She turned her back, so she got what was coming.

Laila: “You don’t see a punch like that every day – directly to the back of the head. That was is sure to sting the challenger a bit.”

Virani is both a little bit hurt by the punch and really, really angry at Michaela.

Virani thinks: Alright, I can play at this as well, champ.

Later in the round, the two tussle in close range as both end up too close to each other to get in a decisive blow – essentially smothering their own punches. As Michaela and Virani fight each other in tight, trying to create space for arms to throw punches, Virani decides that she’s had enough of that. Instead of pulling free, Virani pushes Michaela backwards. With the ropes giving way, the champion find herself nearly out of the ring.

Laila: “Some loose ropes here tonight in Bremen have Sommer almost out of the ring!”

Unable to fight gravity, Michaela tumbles over and through the ropes, ending up on her side, just outside. Referee Akane Watanabe is on scene quickly, while Virani stares down at the champion and has a few choice words for her.

Virani: “On the canvas where you belong.”

Michaela: “Try it with a punch next time, bitch.”

Laila: “Akane Watanabe will need to get this back under control. The fans are here for a boxing match, not a backyard brawl. Fortunately, Watanabe has the fighting credentials to gain the respect of these two fighters, one would think.”

Laying down the law

Akane thinks: Gotta get control now or this will get worse.

Akane: “Michaela up. Virani, step back.”

The two boxers comply, grudgingly.

Michaela: “She pushed me!”

Akane: “Shut it, both of you.”

Virani: “But…”

Akane: “Shut it NOW!”

Akane gives both boxers a shove and both take a step backwards.

Akane: “You are both better than this! You want to brawl in the back room after? Fine. But in this ring, we box. Next one that does any sort of foul, I am taking a point away. Another one, I will disqualify you. Do NOT test me. Am I clear?”

Michaela: “Fine. Yes.”

Virani: “Yes, ma’am.”

Akane: “Good, now BOX!”

There isn’t much time remaining in the round, but the calmer of the two fighters after the break is the challenger, who waits out the remainder of the round behind a long, stiff jab that keeps Michaela at bay. The Cobra keeps the right hand cocked, but doesn’t really use it as an offensive weapon either. Simply, she jabs and moves.

A bit anxious or maybe a bit upset about what happened earlier in the round, Michaela gets caught by the jab a few times as the bell rings to signal the end of the fourth round.

Laila: “MacVicar again makes good use of the jab here as a tool for both offence and defence. I wonder if her coach will advise her to continue with it, as it’s been her most consistent punch by far in the fight.”


Axel: “This fight is a brawl, but you are a brawler. She’s acting this way because she’s desperate. You’ve hurt her a couple of times before, it might just take one more good one to finish this.”

Michaela: “Okay.”

Axel: “The longer the fight goes, the riskier it is. I leave the risk taking to you.”

Michaela: “I don’t mind.”

In the challenger’s corner, Sandra doesn’t bother with a motivational speech. She just gives Virani one instruction:

Sandra: “You know what to do. Let’s see it.”

As soon as the round ends, Emma turns to Alesia.

Emma: “Geez. That turned nasty.”

Alesia: “I don’t think they will invite each other to the next house party and trade nicely wrapped gifts.”

Emma: “Wasn’t it rough for Michaela to hit the back of the head?”

Alesia: “It was, but you’re not supposed to turn around and give that target or shove someone to the ground.”

Emma: “Come on. Shoving’s the best thing in boxing.”

They look at each other and laugh.

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Virani MacVicar

Current number one contender in the Featherweight division, by Alex. Get her full profile and fight history.

Michaela SOmmer

The German Featherweight champion is a tough inside fighter, with size, who punches above her weight.
Michaela Sommer
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Ringside talk


  1. Oooh, punch to the back of the head, shoved out of the ring, barely any rules, this is my kind of fight! Though I think Akane probably should have went ahead and taken points away without the warnings, due to how both of those things had major implications. From the looks of it afterwards, it looks like it is working better for Virani and finally has given her an edge in this fight. I think it will continue that way for the rest of this one. The champion will regret the punch in the back of the head as I feel it will spend the beginning of the end for her title reign.

  2. Good on Akane to throw down the gauntlet as resoundingly as she did. There’s clearly no love lost here between these two so it begs the question of whether Virani or Michaela can push the other’s buttons, draw another foul, and force Akane to make good on her word of deducting points.

    Tilting the opponent often comes with its fair share of risks and rewards…

  3. Just when the action gets more even, we are in for a reminder that boxing is complicated. You’re not supposed to hit the back of the head but at the same time, turning around not to face your opponent isn’t exactly what you should do either. Michaela doesn’t resist the temptation to throw the kind of punch that makes your head spin.

    Without a surprise, it gets a little heated and Virani counters with her own foul. For some reason, Michaela doesn’t look to happy to have been pushed through the ropes. I wonder why.

    Refs usually try not to take centre stage but this leaves Akane little choice but to intervene before one of the fighters goes too far. Gotta clamp down and remind them to use their fists the right way, or face “administrative” punishment.

    Virani probably has her best spell of the fight so far, behind the jab. It gives her something to look for. Michaela has to return to landing power shots to take back control.

    Emma: “Come on. Shoving’s the best thing in boxing.”

    Of course the Peach would say that 😆

    • The Peach very much fights in a style that she enjoys :D. I mean isn’t it fun to push people around in the ring? Seems like it would be.

      This is a much more even round, but its a round almost more notable for the fouls than the actual action and legal punches.

      Virani’s jab has been the effective punch for her so far, but it’s not the kind of fight you win with a jab. What you do off the jab, perhaps.

      Whatever fighter keeps their cool may be the one that claims victory in the end.

  4. Oooh that round got nasty! A punch to the back of the head and then getting pushed almost out the ring! Things would of gotten worse if Akane didn’t step in.

    Great round though, but after that I think that was either an even round or another one to Michaela, then again it’s really hard to tell, they were both lucky to not get any points deducted.

    For a moment I really though Akane was about to come out of retirement and knock both of them out XD

    Not much is said from Sandra, I think there isn’t much to say, just action. Let’s see what happens next.

    • That punch to the back of the head was totally nasty. Getting hit in the back of the head is not very fun. Getting pushed out of the ring was comfortable in payback!

      Very close round, Michaela probably landed more power, but Virani was effective with the jab again.

      Akane going to start knocking chicks out if things get more out of hand 😀

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