Three thumping wins

Astrid and Elsie deliver pain, Christine returns

Revered boxing broadcaster Anna Schwartz does on the air in Box TV studios to present the latest update. What’s on the cards?

Anna: “New year, fresh violence. Welcome to this episode of Seconds Out, starting with a review of the latest action in the boxing world.”

Anna Schwartz

The broadcaster kicks off with the first segment.

Anna: “Astrid Olsson went to Los Angeles and Summer Simpson played her host at Lightweight. The American predicted a win but she couldn’t deliver it. The Swedish Sweetheart catered to her strengths and boxed with aplomb through 10 rounds.”

They switch to clips.

Anna: “Olsson moved very well across the ring and delivered heavy-handed punches, especially to the body to build a nice lead on the scorecards.

Astrid Olsson Summer Simpson 1-1
Astrid Olsson Summer Simpson 1-2
Astrid Olsson Summer Simpson 1-3

Swedish recipe

Anna: “The Swede’s dedication to land her hardest shots downstairs gradually took away the American’s ability to move. In the final three rounds, Olsson chin checked Simpson, who showed a lot of courage to remain on her feet and make the distance despite getting punished.”

Anna: “Olsson notched a unanimous decision with scorecards of 98-92, 97-93 and 97-93. Her record now stands at 10 wins, including five knockouts, and five losses. After the match, Simpson said and I quote: ‘this chick is nice but she hits like a motherfucker and a half.'”


Down and under

Anna: “Moving to London. We were witness to the seventh fight of Australian prospect Rose Robinson in a card that opposed Final Bell fighters to opponents from Team Edward from the UK. After amassing a record of 6-0 last year, the former Olympian talked about becoming a world champion in 2023. She entered the ring with former title challenger Elsie Nadege, from Cameroon.”

Anna: “Robinson bombed. Her risk-averse style, which consists of throwing single shots and floating all over the ring, was met by a torrent of punches thrown by Nadege. The young socialite got hit, and hurt, many times while trying to avoid contact with the veteran whose combinations were successful.”


Anna: “Depending on who you were cheering for, it went from strength to strength or from bad to worse by Round 6. An outclassed and overwhelmed Robinson put a knee down and quit to take a TKO loss. The image is a telling one. Nadege’s record improved to 19 wins, 10 of them by knockout, and eight losses.”

Anna: “Rumour has it that Nadege’s triumph might be inspiration for Hollywood. Director Steve Spielmann is interested in casting Robinson in a feature film titled: The Exposed.”


Christine returns

Anna: “An especially interesting matchup took place in Brooklyn, in the United States. Megan Thomas, the American Lightweight champion, offered a voluntary defense to Christine Spencer. It was set to be an easy workout for Thomas since Spencer’s last fight was a knockout loss to Chelsea Carter in 2019.”

Anna: “Before the match, Thomas went as far as saying that ‘Spencer is all tits and ass while I’m all shoulders and strength’. Given the outcome, holding back a little might have been a better choice.”

Anna: “Thomas was pretty aggressive for a long spell, hoping to subdue her opponent. She kept walking into high-quality counterattacks from a Christine Spencer who was fit and motivated. The Texan made the best out of fighting under pressure to outgun the sitting champion.”


Anna: “Spencer turned it upside down in the late stages. She went on the attack and landed hard punches. At the end of this affair, the defending champion looked like she didn’t want to be there.”

Anna: “Spencer carried the decision with a well-deserved 99-91 on all scorecards. Coming out of the shadows, returning with a bang and becoming the American Lightweight champion. Not bad for a southern belle who once looked down and out.”


Anna: “The newly crowned champion announced her intention to move to the Super Lightweight division.”


Anna: “That’s it for the latest results. We’re back with behind the scenes gossip after this commercial.”

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