Shooting match

An action type that serves Chelsea

Dynamism is the big ticket in boxing. If you can have that and land your punches, you can go far. Alesia and Chelsea are trying to have that when the bell rings for Round 7 to start.

High Voltage comes out of the corner with aggression. She’s looking to restore the domination she had in the first fight, with hand activity.

The Diva uses her instincts to go on the defensive early on. When she sees a huge left cross coming in the middle of the ring, she leans away. The gray glove comes close but it doesn’t land.

Alesia Schumann Chelsea Carter 31-1
Alesia Schumann Chelsea Carter 31-2

Too much

Defensive efforts are effective for the Bavarian for about a minute. The American keeps coming with a superior work rate, which is reminiscent of what happened the first time around. Chelsea takes control of the ring and puts together sharp attacks to begin landing.

Pork chop’s firepower becomes too much and the Diva is overwhelmed. Chelsea throws a left cross to disable the blonde’s right hand. The German wants to hit back with a left hook to the body, but she gets smacked by a solid right cross.

Esther: “Carter was kept at bay for most of the first six rounds but her attacking skills are coming through. She’s landing crisp punches.”

Anna: “Alesia might be too passive at the moment. Falling back to tactics that previously didn’t work against Chelsea, and she’s paying the price for it.”


Alesia thinks: “This really hurts. Can’t let her keep doing this to me.”

Embattled, Ally wears her best poker face. She seeks proximity to deny the champion the possibility to do more damage by throwing howitzers with her arms in full extension.

We see signs of her cleverness when Chelsea’s coming in with a left hook. The girl in black and red wraps her right arm around the invader to push her. She gets out of the way before the method draws the referee too close.

Alesia Schumann Chelsea Carter 33-1
Alesia Schumann Chelsea Carter 33-2
Alesia Schumann Chelsea Carter 33-3

Under the weather

It hardly gets better for the German as we enter the final minute of the round. The Minister of Defence alternates between defending and firing back in the middle of the ring.

Alesia sends a few quick shots in the American’s direction and withdraws her right hand at the end of a flashy combination. That split second of “silence” when she stops punching lets Chelsea spring into action with a short right on the counter.


“Ohs” come from the audience.

Esther: “Carter lands another heavy right hand on Schumann, who is under the weather in this round.”

Anna: “The American’s timing is sharp and she simply has the superior voltage to win a shooting match between these two.”

Alesia Schumann Chelsea Carter 34-1
Alesia Schumann Chelsea Carter 34-2
Alesia Schumann Chelsea Carter 34-3

Having felt the force that’s inside the gray gloves, Alesia banks on her durability to make it to the bell and hope that Regina can press the Reset button.

Without resorting to the Philly shell, she leaves the centre of the ring to Chelsea and works on rolling with the punches to buy time. The onslaught continues with Chelsea coming forward, pressing with another dangerous left hook. This one misses by the smallest margin and Ally uses her right arm to push Chelsea down.

Sophie: “Come on, sis! Resist!”

Alesia Schumann Chelsea Carter 35-1
Alesia Schumann Chelsea Carter 35-2
Alesia Schumann Chelsea Carter 35-3


The champion’s aggression brings the challenger closer to the ropes, where limited space to move makes the brunette an even bigger threat.

Anna: “Alesia will have to fight back a little harder to avoid getting caught in a storm.”

The girl in gray and black comes in with a long bolo punch, making the blonde take a step back, load up her right hand and bounce back to throw a short right that lands clean.


Regina: “That’s it!”



Chelsea’s left cheek tingles with pain, but she attacks relentlessly. The unbearable pressure forces the Diva into a corner in the dying seconds of the round. She uses torso movement to make a couple of shots miss but Chelsea’s vigorous combination is successful. She force-feeds Ally another right hand, this time in the mouth.

High Voltage has the Diva trapped and vulnerable. She moves in and administers two more flush punches in the middle of Alesia’s face before the bell rings.


Chelsea turns away with a smile.

Esther: “It has to be a sigh of relief for Schumann to hear the bell. She took it on the chin in Round 7. The defending champion just had her best round of the night so far.”

Alesia Schumann Chelsea Carter 37-1
Alesia Schumann Chelsea Carter 37-2
Alesia Schumann Chelsea Carter 37-3

All about intensity

In the blue corner, cousins are very happy.

Mercedes: “Dats it, babe! We be back in business. I know that throwing them punches is demanding but we be chasin’ on them cards and we need to have this chick hurt. Gonna need a knockdown soon cuz she’s gots a lead.”

The pugilist from San Francisco catches her breath, takes her water and has her coach applying vaseline on her face.

Chelsea: “Yeah.”

Mercedes: “Ya got them hands. Keep using them! But to hurt her, ya need to counter sometimes. Give her da chance to press a little and make her walk into yer right hand. It’s our best punch tonight, and she be feelin’ it.”

Across the ring…

Regina: “Ok. Tough round. We are ahead but can’t be so passive. She dropped her respect for you. Let your hands go to regain it. I want a solid work rate.”

Alesia: “Yeah.”

Regina: “Don’t trade, though. Step around her and hit from the side. If you land something clean, then you can pivot to send another one down the pipe.”

Alesia: “Ok. I’ll do better.”

Alesia Schumann Chelsea Carter 38

Anna: “It’s understandable if your stress level has increased a little over the last three minutes of action. Chelsea Carter has sent a warning with her explosive hands. We enter the championship rounds with a classic situation. A world champion is down on points and she needs at least a knockdown to win. A great challenger has a lead to protect. Being too cautious or to aggressive in stopping the comeback can equally backfire.”

Alesia Schumann Chelsea Carter 39

Rebecca: “Seconds out!”

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Alesia Schumann
Alesia Schumann
Super Lightweight champion of the world, German champion and one of the pound for pound best. The Diva is known for her tactical strength and durability.
Chelsea Carter
Chelsea Carter
Former Super Lightweight world champion. A daredevil from San Francisco who follows the footsteps of her idol Alesia Schumann.