German efficiency

Coming through at a critical time

Despite going through inferno in the previous engagement, Alesia Schumann rises from the stool ready to fight again, with a determined look. Chelsea Carter comes forward with the motivation to be effective.


The German knows that she probably has the edge on the scorecards. She can box for points without risking everything, and probably afford to split the spoils. The American is less assured. She might have to win both rounds or even score a second knockdown to win.

It’s the blonde who gets her way in the first half of Round 9. She makes superior use of range with this unusual stand-up stance of hers, throwing accurate counters from a healthy distance. Her black gloves keep High Voltage at the end of the Diva’s knuckles.

Alesia Schumann Chelsea Carter 51-1
Alesia Schumann Chelsea Carter 51-2
Alesia Schumann Chelsea Carter 51-3


What surprises Chelsea is that although this is the final stretch of a most demanding pugilistic contest, Alesia moves nearly as well as she did in the first half. This gives her the advantage of timing when responding to even the most penetrating of attacks.

The champion’s smallest mistakes are punished, such as when she finishes a combination with her right cross. Alesia leans back, lets it miss and comes back in with an overhand right in the jaw. PAFF.

Esther: “Schumann is performing admirably and currently outboxing Carter. The challenger seems to be in fantastic shape, this late into a championship match.”

Anna: “You know what this means, Esther. It takes the most exhausting training camp to deliver 30 minutes of elite boxing.”

Alesia Schumann Chelsea Carter 52-1
Alesia Schumann Chelsea Carter 52-2
Alesia Schumann Chelsea Carter 52-3

Chelsea has a misstep before clearing the scene. Dropping back and moving sideways to avoid getting caught in a corner.

Esther: “Carter was hurt by that right hand. She’s buying a little time instead of engaging immediately with her opponent.”

Alesia Schumann Chelsea Carter 53

Having been burned in the previous round and warned in the corner, the girl in black and red remains disciplined. She opts not to throw herself forward in the hope of a knockout.

Alesia thinks: “Steady. Box for points. I’ll beat her.”

Chelsea doesn’t fully recover from the the crunching shot, though, which gives the blonde a little more freedom to work. She stays outside of range and uses her jab as a counterpunch to score, without adding pressure. Until she has a clear chance to land a left cross between the eyes when Chelsea releases a jab too slowly.


Alesia Schumann Chelsea Carter 54-1
Alesia Schumann Chelsea Carter 54-2


In the corner, Mercedes tells Chelsea that she must score a knockout now. Can’t let the judges decide this one. After what happened previously. Regina tells Alesia to keep it going. Stick and move until the final bell.

The American becomes more aggressive and the German digs her heels in. The first works with innocuous little punches to then release heavy shots with speed changeups, but the second works her way around the tactic by moving a lot and hitting at the end of combinations.

It’s when Chelsea chooses to throw a single howitzer that she pays the price. She launches a right hand while leaning forward. The Diva feels a bit of gray leather sliding against her skin but High Voltage gets a lot more. She walks straight into a right uppercut.


Esther: “Schumann scores! The best punch in her toolbox lands clean, and it acts as a warning as to what happens if Carter’s attacks go wrong.”

Anna: “You can’t just be hope to survive when your opponent is seeking the KO. You can only get respect with the appropriate amount of force. Make them doubt after eating a knuckle sandwich.”



Chelsea tries hard to mount a decisive offensive, but this drains her of energy. The speed, power and accuracy of her punches diminish gradually through the round.

Alesia thinks: “She’s gassed.”

The final minute of the round is abysmal for the American, who no longer feels like she has enough weaponry for the finish. She keeps trying but the Bavarian can dodge and block her way out of trouble. To the point where, late in the round, she bats punches with her hands.

Esther: “Unbelievable. Schumann is making it look like Carter is working the pads in a training session now, and doing it at the end of a championship fight. With a smile.”

Anna: “It shows how confident she is that she’s winning. You can also see that Chelsea is worn out. There is too little left in the tank to score a knockout.”

Esther: “She won’t say ‘tank you’ for that one.”


The bell rings after 30 minutes of tiresome fighting. Rebecca Linden gets in between the contestants to make sure no one takes an after-hours hit.

Confident, Ally waves to the crowd in return for its cheers. Chelsea raises her arms in the air to make the most convincing display that she won.

Esther: “Ten rounds are in the books and we go to the scorecards for this rematch between Alesia Schumann and Chelsea Carter. What’s on their mind at the moment?”

Anna: “If you’re Alesia, you trust that the performance gives you the prize. If you’re Chelsea, you hope that the judges scored favourably for a sitting champion.”



Esther: “Impressions from ringside, Steffi Slater?”

Steffi: “In my opinion, it’s clean and clear. Alesia won this match. It takes great courage to change, and she did it with a full transformation to bring an entirely new boxer to the ring tonight. You’re never sure with the judges, but what I saw with my own eyes was a win against her toughest opponent ever.”

Alesia Schumann Chelsea Carter 58

Esther: “Let’s have a look at Box TV’s unofficial scorecard as the officials and contestants get ready for formal proceedings.”

Anna: “I agree with Steffi. I see Alesia winning this 96 to 93. The usually slow starter accelerated like a cheetah in the first six rounds. There was a scare in Round 8, but she boxed with assurance in the final stretch. In my opinion, she is set regain the Super Lightweight crown in a moment.”

Alesia Schumann Chelsea Carter 59

Esther: “Ring announcer Veronica Lillegard is getting ready to read the scorecards. Let’s listen in.”

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Alesia Schumann
Alesia Schumann
Super Lightweight champion of the world, German champion and one of the pound for pound best. The Diva is known for her tactical strength and durability.
Chelsea Carter
Chelsea Carter
Former Super Lightweight world champion. A daredevil from San Francisco who follows the footsteps of her idol Alesia Schumann.