Grand Finale
Fight announcement

Ring Kings has announced an upcoming fight card at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas will be headlined by the much anticipated trilogy fight between the current WBU Featherweight champion Virani MacVicar and her long-time rival Kayleigh Parsons.

The fight will take place over 10 rounds of three minutes each. The card will be available to view via the Final Bell App.

The reigning champion, Virani MacVicar, will be making the second defence of her world title, after defending successfully against Kasandra Sobieski.

The history of the rivalry between Virani and Kayleigh dates back to 2017, where Parsons defeated MacVicar on her professional debut via Round 6 knockout. In 2018 the rivalry was renewed and in the eight-round fight, MacVicar was thought to have proved herself superior, but the judges decision was a draw. The two have sniped at each other for years on social media and now in 2024, they will bring their rivalry to a close with one last fight for the WBU Featherweight title.

The ‘Canadian Cobra’ Virani MacVicar is one of the biggest stars in women’s boxing and is looking to close out the rivalry with one of her patented knockouts. Twelve of the Canadian’s 15 wins have come via knockout, and the Cobra is a fighter where any one punch could sent her opponent down for the count. Since working with Sandra Blohm, the Canadian is undefeated and has shown a more well rounded game.

“I can’t believe it took this long, but I’m going to be able to lay my hands on Kayleigh Parsons again. This time there won’t be any hometown judges to save her, because I’m going to knock her out, and prove that the only thing that was a fluke, was her first victory over me.”
Virani MacVicar

England’s ‘The Fluke’ Kayleigh Parsons is a former WBU Featherweight champion that intends to reclaim her crown and a career-defining victory over her rival. The Englishwoman is known for her silky skills and crowd pleasing style, combining skill and technique with underrated power. After a pair of blips against Michaela Sommer and Kasandra Sobieski, Kayleigh’s victory over Tanille Taylor served notice that she’s not done with the division.

“I’ve never lost to Virani MacVicar and I don’t intend to start now. I welcome this chance both to end a rivalry and reclaim my status as the best Featherweight in the world at the same time. Virani may punch hard, but I’m keen to show she never evolved past what she’s always been – a fighter carried by her power. I’m the better boxer and I’ll prove that in the ring again.
Kayleigh Parsons

Declared Neutrality

Alesia Schumann is known to be friendly with both the combatants. She takes the time to text both parties.

First, to Kayleigh:

Alesia Schumann

Hey babe. You know I’m friends with not only yourself but also Virani. I can’t pick sides in this match and it will be hard enough to watch this while hoping that you’ll both be well after it. Good luck!

And then to Virani:

Alesia Schumann

Sup psycho. You won’t be surprised to hear that I’ll remain neutral for this fight. I’m just hoping for a good one and that nobody gets hurt. Good luck!

The German makes plans to be ringside for the fight, but takes no part in the buildup.

Making the Trilogy

Before the announcement…

With a plethora of contenders before her, Virani has options as to who to defend her title against. One name tops the list and it’s Kayleigh Parsons. Now’s the chance to settle the score with a third fight.

After making initial contact, Kayleigh wants to come to Canada to discuss the details of the fight in person. Grudgingly, Final Bell shells out for the airfare for the full Parsons family.

Once the visitors are settled, Kayleigh makes it clear that negotiations have to be direct. Just her, Virani and Anita Martin as the sole official. Anita is reluctant but she arranges a meeting in the boardroom of the Ring Kings head office in Montreal.

The meeting is delayed by a few minutes, with one of the parties not yet in the room. Then, the door swings open with someone entering with a feeling of hurry.

Virani: “Sorry guys. Public transport was slow.”

Kayleigh smiles: “Isn’t it the Cobra herself? You even dressed to impress me. That’s a nice touch. Anyway, can’t the world champion buy a car? You know, they don’t hand them to you like that referee did with that little MMA win over Michaela.”

Seeing that facial expression and hearing the sarcasm immediately makes the Canadian’s aversion for her English rival come back to the surface. She frowns.

Virani: “They don’t hand them to you like Kasandra gave you that beating either. How did it feel to be at her mercy like that?”

Anita interrupts: “I’m sure that you can find a place to sit down for drinks to enjoy each other’s company. We’re not doing this here.”

They finally sit down for business with Virani thinking “Anita’s changed. There’s clout now.”

Virani: “Let’s start with location. I propose Toronto.”

Kayleigh: “Stupid. Your own people crunched the numbers. It’s got to be Vegas because that’s where we get the biggest purse.”

Virani: “Fine. I want 65% of it.”

Kayleigh: “I’m a former champion. And we all know that this fight sells because of the rivalry. I’ll concede and take 49%.”

Virani: “You’re daft. No title shot for you if I disagree. 60% is my final offer.”

Needling this rival brings pure satisfaction to Kayleigh, who smiles.

Kayleigh: “Fine. It’s the one and only win you’re gonna get.”

Virani: “You’re not going to be Featherweight champion. Enjoy moving up the weight classes after you fail.”

Kayleigh: “Bless your heart, you’ve got that confidence still.”

They start talking over each other.

Virani: “And you’re still delusional. Don’t think for a moment that beating Tanille makes you good enough for me. I beat you the last time we met and you got a hometown decision.”

Kayleigh: “Says the one who threw herself at Hee Jung’s feet while missing a punch. Your incompetence is legendary.”

Anita: “Hush. Keep that for the press conference!”

Kayleigh: “Okay. How about rounds? No problem with three minutes?”

Virani: “Nope. I’d argue for 12 rounds, but we both know this one won’t even get to 10.”

The two fighters share an intense look. For once they agree on something: the ending will come without reading scorecards.

Kayleigh: “True. 10 rounds is enough. Referee, I think we’re both good with Kanti Agrawal?”

Virani: “Well, she’s always going to give a count if one of us goes down, I think we appreciate that.”

Kayleigh: “No problem with me. Anything else?”

Virani: “We got terms. I only advise thinking about your excuses when on the plane to go back home. Be creative.”

Kayleigh: “It will be fun to punch your face again. See you in Vegas, cutie!”

Kayleigh shakes hands with Anita and leaves. Virani takes a deep breath before turning to the executive.

Virani: “This could easily have been done remotely, but at least we’ve got a fight.”

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Kayleigh Parsons
Kayleigh Parsons
A confident Englishwoman with skills to match. Technically skilled with underrated power. Former Featherweight champion.
Virani MacVicar
Virani MacVicar
Current Featherweight champion. A Canadian puncher known for her knockouts that has developed a more all-round style.