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Leonie and Lia shine under the lights

We head to Berlin, where Anna Schwartz goes on the air in the Box TV studio to present the latest boxing news. There are fight results on the menu.

Anna: “We’re kicking off with the latest in the Lightweight division, with matches featuring two of the most talented prospects who emerged in recent years.”

Anna Schwartz

Embattled Eagle

Anna: “Now under contract with Final Bell, Leonie von Hammerstein played host to Catarina Espiga, from México, in Hamburg and it proved to be a solid test.”

Anna: “Espiga showed the audience and cameras that she didn’t cross the Atlantic ocean to take a knee. Instead, she offered an early display of power from the opening round, knocking von Hammerstein’s mouthpiece out. The blonde surprisingly stayed on her feet after that monstrous left hook.”

Leonie von Hammerstein Catarina Espiga 1-1
Leonie von Hammerstein Catarina Espiga 1-2
Leonie von Hammerstein Catarina Espiga 1-3

Anna: “Hurt early, the German held on courageously to avoid getting knocked out even though she had to defend and clinch more than may have been planned ahead of the match.”

Leonie von Hammerstein Catarina Espiga 2-1
Leonie von Hammerstein Catarina Espiga 2-2
Leonie von Hammerstein Catarina Espiga 2-3

Anna: “The youngster’s resilience was tested throughout a most contested match, but she came through with clever moves and intelligence to finally return the favour to Espiga in the late rounds. Von Hammerstein was firmly in control of the action, even toe to toe, to give the Mexican puncher a dose of her own leathery medicine.”


Anna: “Round 10 became the decisive one. The German dominated the three minutes and exacted revenge against the visitor several times. Espiga survived a few chin checks. All three scorecards were 96-94 for von Hammerstein, who claimed her third professional win for a record that stands at 3-1 with one knockout.”


The Cheetah’s speed

The control room puts on the next footage.

Anna: “We now move to Tallinn. Lia Gandhi went to Estonia for the semi-final of a fight card against Inna Saar, the local fave. Don’t blink if you want to see one of the best talents in the sport doing her thing.”

Anna: “Gandhi put on a dazzling show of movement and punches in the first three rounds. Saar was unable to find much of an answer for the fast, crisp punches coming her way from variable directions. Even the Indian’s jab was a confusing one to deal with.”

Lia Gandhi Inna Saar 1-1
Lia Gandhi Inna Saar 1-2
Lia Gandhi Inna Saar 1-3

Anna: “Once schooled by the legendary Zohana Patel, Gandhi got creative. Fighting from a low stance with a mastery of the intricacies of working inside and outside, she put Saar in a position where all she could do was gobbling up her leather.”


Anna: “Tough as nails, Saar took everything from the Olympic gold medalist without flinching while landing very few notable punches. She was at the receiving end of a boxing masterclass. Gandhi took the decision with 100-90 on all scorecards to improve her undefeated record to 6-0.”

Lia Gandhi Inna Saar 3-1
Lia Gandhi Inna Saar 3-2
Lia Gandhi Inna Saar 3-3
Lia Gandhi Inna Saar 3-4

Anna: “Remember the names of Leonie von Hammerstein and Lia Gandhi. The pair of starlets respectively demonstrated resilience and genius to further plow their way into the world of prize fighting. I expect both to go up in the rankings soon.”

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Christine Spencer - Kiki Spinelli
Leonie von Hammerstein
A member of the former nobility, Leonie is a former German amateur champion who wants to be remembered for boxing glory.
Lia Gandhi
Lia Gandhi
A five-time Indian champion, two-time world champion and Olympic gold medalist in the amateurs. She oozes talent with blazing speed.