About us

women’s boxing stories with images composed in 3D. We mix realism, fantasy and drama.

Hailing from Germany, I am a writer in real life and 3D artist in these quarters. Alesia Schumann is my star and her sister Sophie a close match.

What stories do I tell here? A prospect reaching great heights, another one’s hopes being crushed, a journeyman getting thumped or scoring the big upset. Anything can happen on Alesia Boxing, where the narrative can entertain and comfort, but also challenge you with hard-nosed realism.

Some of my characters are broadly caring but fond of mind games. Others are evil yet 100% human. They all have one thing in common: a passion for boxing and the desire to win a good scrap. None of them is safe from the punch that can change a life.


I have long loved the sport of boxing as well as fancying myself a bit of a writer. Combined with my 3D skills, I hope to bring to you stories in and outside the ring.

My main character is Virani MacVicar. Other characters have been created to mesh with her story, some friends, some enemies, some merely obstacles. It is my hope to entertain you and hopefully even educate about the sport of boxing.

It is with great pleasure that i have joined with my friend Alesia to contribute to this site.

In ‘real’ life I work in the legal industry and am based in Toronto, Canada. I can be contacted through my DeviantArt profile.