Destruction games

Akane Watanabe Elena Kuzminska Round 3

Akane Watanabe gambles and wins. She plays dangerous games that pay off in Round 3 to score a highlight reel knockout against Elena Kuzminska.

Beast on the loose

Akane Watanabe Elena Kuzminska Round 2

The beast returns! Akane Watanabe takes command against Elena Kuzminska in Round 2, serving up punishment generously.

Mental meltdown

Akane Watanabe Elena Kuzminska Round 1

Akane Watanabe is given a proper spanking by journeyman Elena Kuzminska, having a full mental collapse in Round 1.

Takara’s sacrifice

Akane Takara training 5

A little suffering goes a long way. Takara Oshima serves in Akane’s training camp, both helping her to get ready for the fight and to restore trust.


Akane Watanabe Elena Kuzminska poster

Final Bell Boxing and Silesia Boxing announce that Elena Kuzminska will play host to Akane Watanabe in a Lightweight contest at the Hala Orbita in Wroclaw, Poland.

Takara rebuilds burnt bridges with Akane

Akane Watanabe Takara Oshima reunion

Takara Oshima stops by at Halmich Gym to apologise to Akane Watanabe in person. She has to show humility to make up for past actions.

Akane’s stance on Takara and the “wedding”

Sophie Akane Spain 2

Akane Watanabe discusses the situation regarding Takara Oshima while on vacation in Spain with Sophie Schumann. They address the rumours that they will become a couple.

Citizen Akane

Akane German citizenship

It’s an unusual situation for Akane Watanabe. She becomes a German citizen after being dropped as a Japanese.

Pink fiasco

Akane Watanabe Takara Oshima Round 3

Takara Oshima drops her apprehensions and plays the poker game to perfection. This has utterly devastating consequences for Akane.