Alesia Schumann vs. Masae – press conference

Alesia Schumann’s 7th professional bout is coming in September in Tokyo. Today, the fight with Masae is announced with the publication of the above poster and a press release.

Alesia Schumann vs. Masae – Round 1

The crowd cheers. The final of the program has finally started. Alesia’s heart is racing as Masae starts to approach, almost within striking distance. She falls back to take her new defensive stance.

Alesia Schumann vs. Masae – Round 3

Round 3 starts more slowly. The two boxers engage in occasional skirmishes. They try to outsmart each other and Alesia is ready to waste the two full minutes if necessary.

Alesia Schumann vs. Masae – Round 4

Round 4 gets underway and there is a sense of urgency in Masae’s mindset. She knows she is behind and that the ref could stop the fight should she fail to defend herself or take a few more big punches.