Bedroom secrets

bedroom secrets

Alesia and Virani make admissions in a bedroom talk a couple of days after their fight.

Friends after the war

Alesia Schumann Virani MacVicar post-match

No hard feelings. Alesia and Virani still get along after going to war. However, they face a few hard questions in the aftermath of their fight.

Bavarian Bazooka

Alesia Schumann Virani MacVicar Round 8

Alesia closes the show against Virani with colossal punches, ending it with her signature uppercut in Round 8.

Body snatcher

Alesia Schumann Virani MacVicar Round 7

Heavy duty leather flies in Round 7, and a huge body shot from Alesia makes a difference by dropping Virani.

Snake and ladder

Alesia brings Virani to the deep end with creative pugilism in Round 6. It’s getting painful and bloody for the Canadian.

Volcano eruption

Alesia Schumann Virani MacVicar Round 5

This time, it’s personal. Alesia hits her stride in Round 5 and tension erupts with Virani.

Bavarian spice and Vitamin V

Alesia Schumann Virani MacVicar Round 4

It’s getting competitive with Alesia starting her engine in Round 4! Does it last? Can she beat Virani MacVicar?


Alesia Schumann Virani MacVicar Round 3

What favourite? Virani MacVicar stuns the world by flooring Alesia Schumann, and smugly crosses a line in Round 3.

The Cobra’s dare

Alesia Schumann Virani MacVicar Round 2

Virani’s cocktail of weapons in Round 2: punches, shoves and hubris. They all give Alesia a lot of trouble.

Canadian discord

Alesia Virani Round 1 corners

The Germans are in tune after dropping a round but conflict emerges among Canadians. Thomas and Virani disagree on the approach to face Alesia.