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Anna Schwartz


Anna “The Ice Queen” Schwartz is a city dweller. Hailing from Berlin, the attractive blonde is anything but a boxer if you only look at her background.

The daughter of a lawyer and a nurse, the Queen of Darkness who is fond of the black colour was born on 1 October 1990. She grew up in post-reunification Berlin after its liberation from the dark forces of fascism and then communism. She can lecture you on the virtues of the Third Wave of Coffee and organic food.

Anna studied to become a journalist and has indeed become one, working for a regional TV station. Her pretty face has been seen on everything, from anchoring the news to delivering weather forecasts.

She has learned to box at a local gym after work and on weekends, and has done it part-time in the professional ranks with a smart promoter who always found someone she could beat. She loved using Paffen Sport gloves until she was ignored for a much-wanted sponsorship. She then switched to Reyes.

Anna had 12 wins, and no loss, until she met Alesia Schumann. She then suffered a first-round loss. After that, her pace resumed and she is a contender for the German championship in the Super Lightweight division. Her record stood at 15 wins, 8 of them by knockout, and one loss.

That match turned out as extremely controversial. She knocked Alesia out easily, but at a price. It turned out that the match was fixed with the kidnapping of Alesia’s sister. Police arrested her promoter Oskar König alongside a bunch of gangsters. The German Boxing Federation overturned the result and that of three previous fights. Anna lost her TV job in addition to her credibility as a fighter.

After going through a crisis, Anna recruited Maxim Weiß as her new coach to rebuild her career and has decided to change her nickname to The Ice Queen. She bounced back with a third-round knockout against Masae, from Japan, and a nice win over durable Hilda Bastian.

An attempt to topple one of the contenders for the German belt did not produce the expected results. Lena Löw defense and stamina proved to be too much in a split decision loss.

Fight record (15 wins, 6 losses)
21 Leyla Abdul 1 June 2020 Win SD
20 Lena Löw 3 December 2019 Loss SD
19 Hilda Bastian 6 July 2019 Win UD
18 Masae 1 December 2018 Win KO 3
17 Alesia Schumann 17 March 2018 Loss Disqualification
16 Melina Kaplan 30 January 2018 Loss Disqualification
15 Caroline Lischke 23 September 2017 Loss Disqualification
14 Mara Blum 6 May 2017 Loss Disqualification
13 Alesia Schumann 1 February 2017 Loss TKO 1
12 Heidi Starck 12 December 2016 Win KO 4
11 Marina Krsmanović 28 October 2016 Win Decision
10 Marline Hoogland 2 September 2016 Win Decision
9 Adrianna Tilea 30 July 2016 Win KO 5
8 Anke Rehn 14 June 2016 Win Decision
7 Émilie Delaplace 28 April 2016 Win Decision
6 Nihada Delić 18 February 2016 Win KO 3
5 Veronika Kuncová 9 January 2016 Win Decision
4 Orkide Aydogan 17 December 2015 Win KO 2
3 Cornelia Hessel 29 November 2015 Win Decision
2 Nadja Hausmann 10 October 2015 Win Decision
1 Juliane Berlin 1 September 2015 Win KO 2
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