Split decision for Anna and Lena!

Anna Schwartz Lena Löw Round 8

We had a tight fight and judges don’t score it all the same way! Anna Schwartz and Lena Löw have a split decision. Who takes the win?

Blonde twister rips through the ring

Anna Schwartz Lena Löw Rounds 4-7

Anna Schwartz still faces stiff resistance, but she lands her best punches of the fight by plowing through her opponent’s defense.

Lena’s cleverness, Anna’s frustration

Anna Schwartz Lena Löw Round 1

A shrewd Lena Löw fights cleverly and gives Anna Schwartz a portion of leather. Can the Berlin native learn how to deal with her style?

Anna makes the most stylish entrance

Anna Schwartz Lena Loew intros

Were Anna Schwartz’ fight with Lena Löw a matter of style, the blonde’s entrance would be a stunning knockout win.