Iceberg and retirement

Anna Schwartz Melanie Spitzer Round 5

Anna Schwartz suffers a devastating knockout defeat that spells the end of her championship dream, and the end of her boxing career.

Clubber Spitzer

Anna Schwartz Melanie Spitzer Rounds 3-4

Although Anna Schwartz is very tough, Melanie Spitzer shines through Rounds 3 and 4. It leads to the most difficult moment for the Ice Queen.

Ice storm

Anna Schwartz Melanie Spitzer Round 2

Anna Schwartz enters Beast Mode in Round 2 for a demonstration of skills, trickery and punching. An ice storm that Melanie Spitzer struggles to weather.

Pepper doll

Anna Schwartz Melanie Spitzer Round 1

The German championship between Anna Schwartz and Melanie Spitzer is off to a thrilling start. With one of the weirdest moments in professional boxing.

Frost and flair

Anna Schwartz Melanie Spitzer introductions

Melanie Spitzer makes a controversial entrance, with flair ahead of a championship match with Anna Schwartz. She even taunts a world champion.



Sophie Schumann visits Anna Schwartz’ championship training camp for a sparring session that turns into a painful experience.

Melanie’s scare tactics

melanie training

Intimidation is the word. Melanie Spitzer puts on a show of power for Anna to see from her training camp.

Birds of prey

Birds of Prey

Final Bell Boxing announces that Melanie Spitzer and Anna Schwartz will fight for the German Super Lightweight championship in January 2021 at the Sport Palace in Dresden.