Chelsea Carter smashes two wins in

Chelsea Carter two wins

Chelsea Carter ended the year 2020 with two convincing wins. One is a revenge and the other one is a complete destruction.

Nuclear blast

Chelsea Carter Allison Felix Round 5

“She has done it in spectacular fashion! Chelsea Carter dropped Allison Felix with a nuclear bomb of an uppercut to end it in Round 5. An astounding strike. This should be the knockout of the year.”

Painful look in the mirror

Chelsea Carter Allison Felix Round 4

Chelsea Carter brings out her new weapon to unleash a fresh wave of violence in a hotly contested fourth round against Allison Felix.

Mean and green

Chelsea Carter Allison Felix Round 3

Allison Felix swims like a shark in her own waters in Round 3 against Chelsea Carter, who discovers how mean her rival can be in a boxing ring.

The dark side strikes

Chelsea Carter Allison Felix Round 2

Explosion! Allison Felix makes a huge statement with a face-deforming punch early in Round 2 to ignite a fire and force the battle.

Bad blood

Chelsea Carter Allison Felix Round 1

Allison Felix and Chelsea Carter take their personal battle to the ring in Round 1 in San Francisco. Words turn into fists.

An emergency coach called Alesia

emergency coach teaser

In times of emergency, friends help. Chelsea’s coach has to step out for family reasons, and a certain Alesia subs in at the last minute.

High Voltage blows a fuse

Chelsea Allison presser

Chelsea Carter’s patience has run out. She hits back violently after being on the receiving end of abusive provocation by Allison Felix.

Chelsea acquires powerful new weapon

Chelsea new weapon 5

Chelsea Carter took a break from the competitive ring to add a major new skill to her arsenal. It’s a potent one.