Toasty hugs, straight talk

Chelsea Alesia post-match

Alesia Schumann makes a generous offer to Chelsea after her convincing knockout win. It sparks a lively discussion about a deepening friendship.

Operation Earthquake

Chelsea Carter Christine Spencer Round 5

Dear prospect, meet your successor. Chelsea Carter causes upheaval for what may be one of the most stunning upsets of the year in women’s boxing.

Lethal at range

Chelsea Carter Christine Spencer rounds 3 4

The tables are turning. Chelsea Carter boxes with aplomb but she faces an astonishing and frustrating problem.

The big gun

Chelsea Carter Christine Spencer Round 2

Chelsea Carter came out to play. The second round of the fight is a real battle that ends with a big bang produced by a new weapon.

The grappler

Chelsea Carter Christine Spencer Round 1

Holding, grabbing, pushing and punching. Chelsea Carter gets caught in Christine Spencer’s clutches. Is it time for High Voltage to panic?

Defiant underdog, smug local fave

Chelsea Carter Christine Spencer introductions

The arena in San Antonio fills with antagonism as Chelsea Carter and Christine Spencer get inches away from each other. They trade barbs before touching gloves, and the crowd loves it!

The promise: Chelsea Carter vs. Christine Spencer

Chelsea Christine Poster

Star Sports are excited to announce that the opening fight of their next fight card will feature Christine “Pristine” Spencer and Chelsea “High Voltage” Carter in San Antonio.