Featherweight rankings

Featherweight continues to be one of boxing’s most exciting divisions, featuring one of female boxing’s true legends and a host of upcoming talents that want to take her crown. Box Magazine has provided their rankings for this emerging division.

Latest update: February 2021

Champion – “The Empress” Hee Jung Park

The South Korean has staged an impressive late career comeback to take the crown in the Featherweight division. The former Super Flyweight, Bantamweight and Super Bantamweight champion has claimed a world title in her fourth weight class with an emphatic win over Yenifer Perez. Park is not big for this division, but does anyone have the skills to handle ‘The Empress’ or will only time defeat one of the sport’s best fighters?

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Hee Jung Park

1 – “The Canadian Cobra” Virani MacVicar

The Canadian Puncher is on a tremendous roll, having not lost since January 2018. The Cobra has a power few in the division can handle, and her ever increasing skills have seen her shoot up the rankings. A dominant win over Steffi Slater has increased the hype even further. The public is behind Virani, and a championship win could vault her into superstardom. A showdown with Hee Jung Park awaits.

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Virani MacVicar

4 – “La Chica Feroz” Yenifer Perez

The former champion was dethroned in convincing fashion by Hee Jung Park, stopping the momentum of the young and popular Columbian. A fighter that used to be a defensive standout, her new style has led to a lot of knockouts, but was laid bare by a fighter of The Empress’ quality. Rumours of a party-heavy lifestyle have plagued Yenifer for a while now, and the Columbian will need her focus in full if she is to get back to the top of an increasingly competitive division.

Yenifer Perez

6 – Kayleigh “The Fluke” Parsons

The former amateur standout is a divisive figure among fight fans. Her record remains unblemished, though most thought she lost a rematch to Virani MacVicar and was bailed out with a draw. Still, the Englishwoman has elite skills that suggest that she may be a future world champion. Fight fans want Parsons to take on some of the elite of the division and get that third fight with MacVicar. She’s been cautiously built up by her management, but 2021 seems like Parsons’ time to strike. Rumors swirl of a fight with Yenifer Perez which could set the winner in contention for a title fight.

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Kayleigh Parsons

10 – “La Princesa” Carla Flores

The current Mexican champion that has shown heart to come back from a loss to Virani MacVicar, remains one of the division’s big questions. No one questions her heart or fighting spirit. The question remains if she has enough talent or durability to reach the top of the division. A showdown with Michaela Sommer should go a long way to answering that question.

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Carla Flores

11 – Michaela “Queen Kong” Sommer

The stout German champion has an upcoming match with Carla Flores that is very much a make or break fight for the puncher. Possessing some of the biggest power in the division, Michaela is a tough matchup for anyone, and many feel like both of her losses have been harsh. A win against Carla Flores will have people forgetting all about that. One suspects she has the talent to reach the top of the division.

Michaela Sommer

12 – Tanille “The Prodigy” Taylor

The American Wunderkid has not quite reached the stratosphere as some have predicted. Inactivity and some injuries have slowed the progression of the young American, who pundits see as not only a future champion, but someone that will win a belt in several different weight classes.

Tanille Taylor

Just missing the cut

Leanne Storm, Mechelle Gauthier