The characters owned by other artists who appeared in fights on my site in the past.

Nesrine Jaffar
A Muslim boxer from Iran. A swarmer and puncher, she can make your ring experience a painful one. Owned by ballionaire.
Amber Rose
A solid puncher, the Russian-American fears no one. She fought Alesia Schumann for the WBC Silver title. Owned by circulo90.
Anne Carter
The American cheerleader has previously played the role now incarnated by Chelsea Carter. Owned by PhoenixCreed.
Katia Nagel
A skilled and well-rounded boxer, the German faced Alesia Schumann in Germany’s Super Lightweight championship in 2018. Owned by suzukishinji.
From Japan, the veteran has fought many great battles, including one against Alesia Schumann in 2017. Owned by femboxjp.
Vera Stone
A fearsome puncher from Scotland who has made a lot of damage in the Lightweight division. Owned by verastone.
Lilly Sanchez
The best fighter in Sanchez Gym. Owned by danisan9502.
Stephanie Ward
The former underground circuit fighter is as tough as nails. Beware of her power and resilience.