Eye on the prize

Heather Barker Maya Cerci Rounds 5-8

Heather Barker overcomes qualms to target a wound and force Maya Cerci’s corner to admit defeat, but it’s a bitter pill to swallow for the German.

Rough Swan

Heather Barker Maya Cerci Rounds 2-4

Maya Cerci remains aggressive and Heather Barker has to come up with a mix of rough tactics and graceful moves to have her moments against her.

A day of paffening

Heather Barker Maya Cerci Round 1

Feeling each other out is overrated. Heather Barker and Maya Cerci get right to paffening in the opening round of their fight. Enjoy the violence.

Fight for minds in Québec City

Heather Barker Maya Cerci

Ring Kings and their partners announce that Heather Barker will headline a fight night at the Vidéotron Centre in Québec City in November, facing Maya Cerci for 10 rounds of boxing in the Lightweight division.

Takara and Heather crack the Top 10 at Lightweight

Lightweight rankings May 2020

The string of bittersweet consequences continues for fighters who have been involved in drama in recent weeks. Takara Oshima and Heather Barker enter the Top 10 at Lightweight.

The concussion

Heather Barker Veronica Lillegard

Heather Barker works so well that Veronica Lillegard has to leave the arena on a stretcher. One of boxing’s risks materialises in London.

Deep end for swimmer and swan

Heather Veronica Rounds 1-4

The experienced Veronica makes a very strong start against Heather, who finds herself in troubled waters. However, the White Swan knows how to swim.

Heather Barker takes on former champ in London


DE Box-Promotion are pleased to announce that Heather Barker will have her first fight in Europe when she faces Veronica Lillegard, from Norway, at the O2 Arena in London.