Pacific Conflict

Weather forecast: a rain of punches is coming to Vancouver, where Heather Barker and Leyla Abdul will fight.

Heather Barker Leyla Abdul introductions

Heather Barker and Leyla Abdul engage into volunteering on society before going into tough training camp with sparring partners.

Heather Barker Leyla Abdul Rounds 1-3

Heather Barker makes a forceful start but Leyla Abdul shows remarkable ability to adapt and fight back.

Heather Barker Leyla Abdul Rounds 4-6

Heather Barker puts Leyla Abdul on the brink with immense pressure, but she hits a snag. All-out action between two ferocious boxers.

Heather Barker Leyla Abdul rounds 7-9

Leyla surprises Heather, the crowd and pretty much everyone else with an assertive brand of boxing in crucial rounds.

Heather Barker Leyla Abdul Round 10

Heather Barker fires with the big guns to hurt Leyla in an eventful final round.

Heather Barker Leyla Abdul decision

Controversy? Why not? The judges deliver a scorecard that sets Leyla Abdul on fire.

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