Lightweight rankings

Latest update: July 2022

In the BOX! Magazine rankings for the summer, Sophie Schumann is bidding on a title shot to upend the division’s long-reigning champion.


Zohana Patel

We know that the sheriff is still in control but there’s an unruly girl in town. Patel accepted a match with her mandatory challenger before she could even be named.

Number 1 – Mandatory

Sophie Schumann

A huge stoppage against Heather Barker earned the knockout artist the Women’s Boxing Union pole position – that’s mandatory challenger – to race with Patel. Will we witness a generational switch or will the legend reach another incredible milestone?

Number 2

Leyla Abdul

Earning a draw in a match that she may have actually won against Heather Barker makes the Muslim boxer further shake up the rankings. Abdul has perform convincingly in the last year.

Number 3

Elsie Nadege

Losing a second title match to Patel is by no means shameful for the veteran, who may just need to find the right opponent to regain momentum.

Number 4

Heather Barker

The White Swan had mixed result. Her last two fights against Schumann and Abdul merit a downgrade but we don’t count the Canadian out on grounds of talent and tenacity.

Number 5

Astrid Olsson

The Swedish Sweetheart had a bumpy road to the Top 5 but dispatching a most talented young prospect earns her a special place as a title contender.


Under the radar

Leonie von Hammerstein: A chaotic but promising pro debut showed unusual talent from a young woman who gave a ranked contender everything all the leather she could eat.


Takara Oshima

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Alesia Schumann
Sophie Schumann
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Zohana Patel
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