Latest update: FEbruary 2022

In the BOX! Magazine rankings, Zohana Patel is chased even closer by a long-time rival and a new hungry lion.

Champion – Zohana Patel

The pound-for-pound queen is even more of a jaw-dropper after crushing Takara Oshima like a soft drink can. However, she is pursued by so many credible contenders that the schedule will remain busy.


1 – Elsie Nadege

The beloved African veteran may have caused infatuation among fans and fear among fighters when she schooled Sophie Schumann violently. Now 36 years old, she has one last chance to fulfill her dream of becoming world champion.


2 – Heather Barker

Barker survived a scare or two when she faced Astrid Olsson, only to come out stronger. The devilishly stubborn swan could very well be next in line for Patel’s title once Nadege had her turn.


3 – Sophie Schumann

Bouncing back from defeat to teach Takara Oshima a boxing lesson warrants a solid upgrade in our rankings. Schumann has the skills and attitude to make the ring a place where you don’t want to be, even for good money. She may be a couple of fights away from the title.


4 – Leyla Abdul

The German champion didn’t have an official contest in the last six months but sources tell us that her high-level training is as difficult as fighting. We look forward to the next match she will have on schedule.


5 – Takara Oshima

The fearsome puncher got taken down brutally twice in less than 12 months, and it’s time for soul-searching. It will take a grand amount of fortitude for Oshima to fight an elite opponent again.


6 – Astrid Olsson

After their match, Heather Barker said that Olsson was not a no.15 contender. We agree. The Swede has the heart of a lion and a terrorising punch. No one is safe with her.

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