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Michaela Sommer

Michaela Sommer’s name is a bit ironic since her birth in 1995. She came to this world on 20 June, the day of the summer solstice.

Almost nothing else has been left to chance in her life. A manager at Airbus in Bremen, her dad had everything figured out with a happy family. He taught his kids that those who make friends with the powerful rack up achievements and earn protection in life.

That lesson came in handy when Michaela started school. Naturally chubbier than most girls despite a hyperactive lifestyle, she got teased and bullied early. She didn’t waste time in making friends with a tough group of boys. Their feared “ring leader” promised that anyone who’d mess with Michaela would receive a generous beating. After a couple of such events, the other kids learned to leave her alone.

The boys were far more interested in play-fighting and sports than the average kid, which suited Michaela just fine. She completed her transition into a tomboy who could hold her own in a scrap with a guy. She was so combative that she earned the nickname Queen Kong. The only feminine aspect of her style, by Western standards at least, is her deep affection for pink. Hair included.

It shouldn’t be surprising that the moment Michaela discovered a boxing gym, she was eager to have a look. It probably took less than 10 seconds of observation to understand that putting on pink gloves and punching faces would bring a considerable amount of joy to her life. This realisation is still valid today; every wince or groan by an opponent brings sadistic pleasure.

Trainers at the gym didn’t take Michaela seriously, but the prejudice melted down as soon as they saw her in action. That chubby body didn’t look impressive, but brute force and endurance helped mow people down. Nobody could trade with her.

Will someone ever be able to outsmart her to make up for the gap in power?

Fight record (14 wins, 3 losses – 14 KO)
31 October 2022
KO 5
12 August 2022
KO 1
21 March 2022
KO 2
1 March 2021
KO 5
8 NOvember 2020
6 July 2020
KO 6
3 May 2020
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