Clockwork orange

Sophie Schumann Megan Thomas Round 6

Sophie Schumann scores a splendid knockout against American champion Megan Thomas in Round 6, showing the power of orange to make a name for herself.

Designated hitter

Sophie Schumann Megan Thomas Round 5

Megan Thomas needs to score a few runs to stay in the game with Sophie Schumann. She drives them home in Round 5.

Sadistic opticians

Sophie Schumann Megan Thomas Round 4

An eye for an eye? A sadistic German optician takes aim at her opponent’s cut over the eye. The American is equally qualified for eyecare, so she retaliates.

Professional savage

Sophie Schumann Megan Thomas Round 3

Accidents happen in boxing. Sophie Schumann and Megan Thomas have one of those in Round 3, and a young fighter is very opportunistic to take advantage of it.

American boss

Sophie Schumann Megan Thomas Round 2

Megan Thomas was surprised by Sophie Schumann’s fighting ability, but she reminds us why she is a Top 10 fighter in Round 2.

The kid’s warning

Sophie Schumann Megan Thomas Round 1

Megan Thomas is very aggressive against Sophie Schumann in Round 1, and she eventually gets a stern, orange and leathery warning about her punching power.

No fear

Sophie Schumann Megan Thomas introductions

Fear? That word isn’t on the agenda for Sophie Schumann as the final step takes place before the fight with Megan Thomas.

Captain Carter to Sophie’s rescue

captain carter

Chelsea Carter provides Sophie with the highlight of her pre-match preparations before facing Megan. She also steps in to defend her at weigh-in.

Rampage in New York

Sophie Schumann Megan Thomas poster small

Sophie Schumann lands the biggest challenge of her boxing career. She gets under the American Lightweight champion’s skin with a timely mini-storm on social media.

Sophie erupts against Anna Schwartz

Sophie facewashes Anna

Anna Schwartz’ ambition for the German title doesn’t go down well with everyone. Sophie Schumann takes it very personally.