Sophie Takara poster

Final Bell Boxing is delighted to announce that two masters of the fistic arts will paint on a canvas when Sophie Schumann faces Takara Oshima.

Twitfight teaser

The personal grudge between Sophie Schumann and Takara Oshima makes its way to Twitter. People take sides.

Sophie Schumann Takara Oshima intros

Sophie Schumann and Takara Oshima work on being slick and slicker. Then, they have a frosty first contact in the ring.

Sophie Schumann Takara Oshima Rounds 1-2

Sophie is off to a competent start, fine tactics and face-squishing punches but Takara fights back hard in the first couple of rounds.

Sophie Schumann Takara Oshima Rounds 3-4

Sophie wages physical and mental warfare against Takara, putting previous words into action.

Sophie Schumann Takara Oshima Round 5

Once a psychology student, Sophie takes the mind against Takara. She drives her mad with her tactics.

Sophie Schumann Takara Oshima Round 6

Revenge is a dish best served cold. So is a knockout. Sophie treats herself to both with a brutal finish against Takara.

Sophie Schumann Takara Oshima post-match

Takara has a dreadful immediate post-match while everyone else is having fun, but her mindset changes later.

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