Super Featherweight Rankings

Latest update: January 2023

BOX! Magazine has released their rankings at the start of the year of 2023. The champion has claimed her throne and looks down on a division that is rising to meet her.

Here’s the latest rankings:

Yenifer Perez
Yenifer Perez looks like one of the more unassailable champions in the women’s game. She’s a great boxer and her mentality is in the right place. There’s only a few fighters who seemingly have any chance of toppling her in this rather thin division.
Ranked 1
Thea Karras
The social media starlet is a legitimate fighter and she’ll get a chance to cement that against Emma McGale. Karras hasn’t stumbled much so far in her career, McGale will no doubt test her.
Ranked 2
Emma McGale
McGale’s rise was one of the stories of 2022. If she continues to win, she’ll be the story of 2023 as well. With stellar coaching behind her, McGale looks nothing like the fighter that was demolished by Tanille Taylor and Kayleigh Parsons years ago. She looks more likely to demolish her way to a title shot
Ranked 3
Wambui Njeri
Njeri fell short against Yenifer Perez, and this continues her trend of not being able to beat the very best in the division. The Chadian Viking is a crafty southpaw that will is not easy to beat, in any circumstance.
Ranked 4
Namid Henderson
Namid fell short against Emma McGale, but she had many good moments against the Englishwoman. She’s not an exciting fighter, but she is a good one.
Ranked 5
Mechelle Gauthier
It’s time to pay respect to Mechelle Gauthier. Her win over Carla Flores underscores one fact – her losses have only come to Heather Barker and Emma McGale. She should not be ignored or underestimated.
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