Super Lightweight rankings

Latest update: May 2022

BOX! Magazine has issued its rankings update for the spring of 2022. There’s a regime change in favour of a veteran.

Champion – Steffi Slater

Slater did the near-impossible by stopping Alesia Schumann, dethroning a queen in her prime earlier this year. How long she can remain at the top or willing to keep fighting remains to be seen, but this is her moment in the sun.

1 – Sky Houghton

Straight victories, including a British title defense and a signature win against former world champion Nadia Monteil make her a formidable opponent. Now mandatory challenger, she can count on the expertly services of Monteil to try and take Slater’s crown.

2 – Taylor Grant

Grant’s resurgence took a couple of years but she is steady and increasingly relevant since she hired disciplinarian Sam Romero as her coach. A potential showdown with Chelsea Carter is most likely to frame one of the two fighters as challenger to the world title in the coming weeks.

3 – Alesia Schumann

Champions sometimes stumble and that’s what happened to Schumann when she faced Steffi Slater, who she was supposed to beat. The way back to the top is unclear and some rebuilding is most likely happening in the background.

4 – Chloé Potvin

A setback against Schumann is not devastating to a fighter’s career. However, Potvin may go through purgatory to find her way back to a championship match. It’s not like she’s missing much. Perhaps only the magic touch that separates the best from second bests.

5 – Chelsea Carter

Snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, as she did with Amber Rose, and you will sow doubt in future opponent’s minds. Carter arrived like a storm without a weather warning and she’s already causing damage. Hurricane Chelsea.

6 – Delara Salimi

We refuse to drop her in the rankings despite two straight losses due to the quality of her opposition. Salimi gave a good account of herself against destroyers such as Taylor Grant and Chloé Potvin, proving that she is no joke.

7 – Amber Rose

The loss to Chelsea Carter was certainly disappointing for Rose, but she fought extremely well. Strong individuals learn lessons from defeat.

10 – Melanie Spitzer

Although not particularly active recently, only defending her German title regionally, Spitzer has remained credible and she moves up one position.

UNder the radar

  • Sarita Waris’ knockout win against Julie Marks says that the talented young Finn may have potential for future greatness.
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