Super Lightweight top 5 rankings

Box Magazine has issued its rankings for the top Super Lightweight fighters in the world, confirming who’s who in the division, starting with reigning champion Alesia Schumann.

Latest update: January 2021

Champion – Alesia Schumann

A world champion in her prime years. Successive knockout wins against Taylor Grant and Anastasia Orlova have powered her rise to the top the division, making her one of the top pound for pound boxers.

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Alesia Schumann

1 – ChloĆ© Potvin

Setbacks and injuries have not prevented the French Canadian from maintaining herself among the best. Her spectacular KO of Stella Haussmann makes her the go-to contender to Schumann’s crown.

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Chloe Potvin

2 – Taylor Grant

Defeat to the current champion could have broken a gifted athlete, but the resourceful American hit the ground running quickly after moving to New York, finding a coach and delivering a mature decision win.

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Taylor Grant

3 – Sky Houghton

The resurgent Englishwoman delivered two wins after suffering a pair of losses. She is on her way back to the top, wanting to stage another attempt at winning the world title.

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Sky Houghton

4 – Anastasia Orlova

She talked about a move to upper classes after losing to Schumann, but has not made the decision official yet. Still an option at Super Lightweight if she wishes.

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Anastasia Orlova

5 – Nadia Monteil

The veteran and former champion has been inactive for more than a year, but she seeks to make a comeback. We hear that she has a rematch with Houghton in sight.

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Nadia Monteil

Upcoming names

7 – Amber Rose

The new American champion has made a name for herself in the last couple of years with mature wins.

Amber Rose

9 – Anna Schwartz

The experienced German threatens to win the national title, and she has established herself in the top 10.

Anna Schwartz

15 – Melanie Spitzer

A dangerous puncher, she is in the trail of a strong generation of German fighters.

Melanie Spitzer

17 – Leyla Abdul

Defeated by Schwartz in a war, the young tactician remains a prospect in the division.

Leyla Abdul