It’s raining muffins

takara summer

Takara Oshima has her first fight in England against Summer Simpson. The American finds rain on the island known for anything but sunshine.

Takara’s sacrifice

Akane Takara training 5

A little suffering goes a long way. Takara Oshima serves in Akane’s training camp, both helping her to get ready for the fight and to restore trust.

Takara rebuilds burnt bridges with Akane

Akane Watanabe Takara Oshima reunion

Takara Oshima stops by at Halmich Gym to apologise to Akane Watanabe in person. She has to show humility to make up for past actions.

Takara and Heather crack the Top 10 at Lightweight

Lightweight rankings May 2020

The string of bittersweet consequences continues for fighters who have been involved in drama in recent weeks. Takara Oshima and Heather Barker enter the Top 10 at Lightweight.

Pink fiasco

Akane Watanabe Takara Oshima Round 3

Takara Oshima drops her apprehensions and plays the poker game to perfection. This has utterly devastating consequences for Akane.

Takara’s shaky survival

Akane Watanabe Takara Oshima Round 2 continued

Takara Oshima’s will and durability have been put to the test by a hard knockdown. Is she in a state to continue and make it to the bell?

Little Storm erupts

Akane Watanabe Takara Oshima Round 2

Red alert! Akane Watanabe explodes in Round 2, producing a storm that sweeps Takara Oshima off her feet.

A plan for resurgence

Akane Takara 13

Round 1 is over. Finally, thinks Akane. Little Storm met Hurricane Takara, and it wasn’t fun. What can she get from her corner to possibly bounce back?