Taylor Grant makes a sublime return!

Taylor Grant Catarina Espiga

Taylor Grant moves to New York City and gets challenged by a loud-mouth coach. She makes a mature, successful return to the ring against Catarina Espiga.

Anastasia plans roadside bombs for Alesia

Anastasia reaction cover

How easy will it be for Alesia Schumann to win a world title fight with Anastasia Orlova? Based on the Russian’s plotting, hardship is ahead.

Triumph of the howitzer

Alesia Schumann Taylor Grant Round 7

Alesia Schumann scores the biggest win of her career with a dazzling knockout against Taylor Grant. A colossal statement.

First Wolf War

Alesia Schumann Taylor Grant Round 6

A German and an American are deeply involved in the First Wolf War. The wolverines trade salvoes, it gets physical and both land hard punches.

The female Mayweather

Alesia Schumann Taylor Grant Round 5

Masterclass, you say? Alesia Schumann deploys her arsenal for a stunning display of boxing skills in Round 5. Taylor Grant is baffled.

Catching up

Alesia Schumann Taylor Grant 45

Alesia Schumann is catching up on the scorecards after an impressive Round 4. She and Taylor Grant are plotting their way for the rest of the fight.

The U-turn

Alesia Schumann Taylor Grant Round 4

Alesia Schumann scores a massive knockdown in Round 4 after getting physical. How does Taylor Grant react to that?

The Diva’s resurrection

Alesia Schumann Taylor Grant Round 3

Alesia Schumann shows her courage. She neutralises Taylor Grant’s firepower in Round 3 with a brilliant defensive display and a few good hits.

Hanging by a thread

Alesia Schumann Taylor Grant Round 2 corners

Alesia Schumann survives a huge knockdown scare. She finds a resolute Regina Halmich and a new plan when she gets back to her corner.

Speed kills

Alesia Schumann Taylor Grant Round 2

Disaster strikes for Alesia! Overwhelming and destructive striking from Taylor Grant brings her down brutally. Is she already out?