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Wambui Njeri

The Chadian Viking is an immigration success story.

star-filled Ranked #3

Wambui’s family, who were engineers by trade, fled her native Chad when she was only 3 years old. Fortunate enough to be granted refugee status in Denmark, Wambui endured bullying at the hands of ‘real’ Danes throughout most of her schooling. A natural athlete, Wambui’s star turns in soccer and track and field only increased the scorn of some of her classmates, but her generous nature often won over those that got close to her.

Boxing was not a natural sport for the compassionate Wambui, but when she first put on a pair of gloves, she felt like she never wanted to take them off. The local gym honed her talents and the talented southpaw had a strong amateur career, having been runner-up for European honors on two occasions.

A well-rounded fighter that can brawl, fight inside or box at a distance, Wambui is a fighter that doesn’t have any real weakness, but perhaps lacks any outstanding strengths. One that that is known about her is that she has a true warrior spirit.  

Fully fluent in Danish, English and French, Wambui is a symbol both for immigrants and natural born Danes. She fully embraces her status as both an African and as a Dane – hence her nickname paying tribute to both. Enormously grateful to the country that took her in, Wambui is an official sports ambassador of the country, and often volunteers her time helping immigrant communities in Copenhagen. There’s even talk that once her boxing career has finished that she will seek political office, talk which Wambui has not denied.

Some wonder if her compassionate nature and her goals outside the ring do not allow her to achieve her full potential in the sport. There’s no doubting her physical gifts have ‘future champion’ written all over them. Whatever happens, the Chadian Viking is already a success.

Fight History
28 November 2022
27 June 2022
KO 4
3 January 2022
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