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Zohana Patel was born on May 16, 1985. She hails from Bombay, in India. She is the reigning Lightweight world champion with a stellar and nearly undefeated record.

World #1, Former champion

Why do I say Bombay instead of Mumbai? My time spent there has shown that it’s common for residents to consider that their city name should be spelled and pronounced as Bombay. The official change to Mumbai was made by a nationalistic party that wished to do away with all British influence on the country, but many locals don’t care for the politics.

So, Bombay.

Zohana grew up in modesty. The family was nothing special with a stay-at-home mother and civil servant of a father. They had enough to go by, but not much more. It was a humble life.

A humble life that changed dramatically.

First, Zohana took up boxing in her teenage years. A friend of hers had a fascination for the sport, which became contagious when they attended fights together. They joined a gym and totally enjoyed the noble art. She became a very good boxer, moving like a work of art and punching hard.

Second, Zohana found herself in a very troublesome situation as soon as she became an adult. One of the guys at school had a huge crush on her, and he couldn’t repress it.

Zohana went to a party, and she met “that guy” again. As some of the men think they can have their way with the ladies, he thought he could “have” Zohana whether she agreed or not. She said “no” once in the most polite way. He didn’t get the point. He tried to force his way in. She insisted that “no” was the only answer. He still didn’t get it and tried to continue, unaware of the fighting skills that were right in front of him.

The young woman didn’t need someone to defend her. She used the skills on him, and he ended up in hospital with permanent injuries. Zohana was charged with assault, expressed no regrets in trial and got convicted. Yet, local police botched the inquiry and covered up circumstances of self-defense in its attempt to get that conviction as quickly as possible. An appeal brought up the previously missing facts to the case. Mitigating circumstances couldn’t erase the Indian’s criminal record, but court shortened the sentence enough that she walked free on the very day of the ruling.

Zohana knew she would forever be considered a bad girl, but she didn’t care. The only employer that would accept her would be boxing. Major skills and motivation helped her to become a legend. The one they call “The Dementor” beat up every opponent she faced in India after joining the professional ranks. She lost a controversial decision in England before taking her career to the international level. She earned a lofty record of 36 wins, one loss, no draw.

Zohana is unusually creative in the ring, and she has attitude. Pretty, fierce, with a dark background. Who wants a scrap with her?

Fight history
3 December 2022
KO 8
12 February 2022
1 August 2021
KO 5
16 January 2021
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